Moto G8 Plus vs Samsung Galaxy A51 – Who Will Win?

Let’s compare the Galaxy A51 to Moto G8 Plus!
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48 Replies to “Moto G8 Plus vs Samsung Galaxy A51 – Who Will Win?”

  1. Fleuriy

    Should I get the Samsung Galaxy A51 or the Motorola G8 Plus? Considering the most important things for me are battery life, camera and storage. The galaxy is about 80 euros more for me, is it worth it?

  2. Just Jordan

    So this is why the G9 plus is so big an useless to normal people now…. remember when we wanted phones to be smaller? Well my pockets are not getting bigger you know, do I need a purse now?

  3. Lewis Roy

    The Moto G8 power lite has Android 10 installed in it now. They advertise 9 but when you check the device system it says Android 10 now. I love this phone I have no complaints what do ever. Also the battery life on this phone is incredible. I can go all day And night without a charge. Also the phone is very very dependable. Great buy for not alot of money. Former iPhone user.

  4. JanRay824

    Why is it that I have to do three taps to zoom in a photo in the moto g8plus, unlike my old S7 I can zoom in with two fingers without tapping first.

  5. capitan von chicken pants

    My last two motos have been unreliable the G7 power crashed twice and died and the G8 power lite wouldn't connect to the 4G network from new, my Moto G4 is still going
    Apart from the worn charging port,
    I'd go for the Samsung now

  6. Danich Ivanov

    Thanks for the comparison. I’m on a bit of a fence here, at the moment in my area i can get a51 for the same price as g8 plus, and samsung is easier to buy as well. What i don’t like about samsung is non-stock android with unnecessary apps, and something tells me that snapdragon paired with clean os should work better (in general). I also like stereo speakers, headphone jack on top, as well as action camera (and i actually don’t mind that it is only for video, not a fan of multiple cameras in recent phones, but this one is at least interesting) on motorola. All that verses better screen on samsung. Although i have no problems with ips screens, if anything i find oled to be somewhat distracting and “in you’r face”, but i can give it that, alright. As far as i understand battery life should be similar. I like the looks of both, although moto looks like it will withstand falls and scratches better, it also has a subtle water resistance properties as well. Fingerprint scanner appears to be more comfortable in samsung, but more practical in moto g8. I also had a better experience with motorola phones vs. samsung. Looks like motorola is the one. But still curious, what are you’r thoughts on my points, and what would you go with yourself, if their price was the same.

  7. V'Ger_iTech

    My only concern is the moto g8 plus has 64gb emmc5 storage. Prob explains why they only give 64gb as it’s maximum supported under emmc5. Why would they use such slow storage? How will it affect performance on this phone?

  8. Karen Menendez

    It's been 2 days since I got the A51 and I hate it so much. It lags, the speaker is horrible, the finger print reader doesn't work properly and the hotspot feature doesn't work. I prefer Motorola.

  9. Richard Milligan

    How come you never mention speakers on phones? The G8 Plus has stereo speakers. Some people like to have their phone out at work at their work station playing music.

  10. gigglebob69

    On screen fingerprint sensor is annoying and isn't as reliable as the traditional scanners. Can't see the big plus of a punch hole front camera. There's no use to the extra screen real estate

  11. Soul Counselling

    I have a brand new G8 plus for sale. I use WhatsApp video for work and the sound crackles but the stereo speakers are amazing on YouTube etc etc. I bought the Galaxy A71 and its amazing all round.

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