Moto G8 Power "Real Review"

Moto G8 Power “Real Review”
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46 Replies to “Moto G8 Power "Real Review"”

  1. David Lees

    Floss is the MAN!! Melissa is my wife, she is beyond excited by Floss' amazing generosity! She was running around the house screaming 🙂 What a great guy!!

  2. Randy AB9GO

    I cannot see how you turn back on one button navigation. I hate gestures and three button navigation is a big step backwards. I will never understand why Moto comes up with a perfectly good navigation technique and they remove it and replace it with something clunky, vague and inferior. Whether you need it or not we have to come up with a new feature to help sell you a phone every year. Not that it's an improvement.🤬

  3. Joseph Shane Fuller

    Just bought one will not get it until December second 2020 so you say it ain't that bad this guy floss makes me feel a little bit better I think some people say a lot of bad crap about it but everybody in the comments really don't talk about it just talked about who you are floss so I didn't find out what I want to hear in the comments but people was talkin good all good that way

  4. Cj Bixby

    Ive had the moto g stylus for about 2 months solid phone gets the job done havent had any hiccups, pen software is meh. Didnt wanna to wait weeks for the pixel 4a and i think i made a better choice with moto

  5. Abzu 235

    Thanks for another great review Floss! Just bought one for $160, my mom's gonna be so happy. She's still rockin' an old and barely working Redmi, she thinks facebook and other apps are so laggy on every phone lmao

  6. Rufino De La Cruz

    No one: Floss thinking no one cared about his story.
    Also me: Watching the whole video just to listen to the story!
    Also love your reviews, entertain me and also help me choose a phone to buy or would buy in the future!

  7. Ancientreapers

    Got mine a few days ago for $178. Loving it so far. Has all the bells and whistles for me to be happy. Nice display and stereo audio. Good bang for the buck. I had been using the Moto X2 and it lasted 5 years until the battery finally gave out.

  8. Barb

    Thanks floss for the review I was in Best Buy looking at phones and saw this and said I have to go home to see what Floss has to say but I looked at your review on the Samsung A51 I think I will go that route but I would not buy ANY phone without a Floss review thanks again

  9. dgm's stuff

    I bought one, but the brightness level of the screen seems off, indoors, adaptive turned off, it's not usable unless the brightness level is at 70% or more. Is that normal or my device is faulty? Should be fine at 50% like all other phones, right? Thanks!

  10. Marvelous Marvin

    Hey what's good floss. I just got my Moto G Power US version off of Amazon yesterday for 179. This is my first fully unlocked phone for all carriers and it's great no bloatware from any carrier and it just works great hands down. I ordered UAG case and it's great. This phone is alot better then anything I ever had before real talk. Real talk great review man keep them up man.

  11. MaximusX45-1911

    Hi Flossy can you please do a review on the moto g stylus please, I can't decide what phone is better the Samsung A50 or the Moto g stylus, thank you. I love all your reviews and all the dope test videos you use.

  12. jackthewolfcub

    all moto g phones have shiiiiiiiiiiit ips lcd, from moto g4 trough g7 g8 we have screen persistence bleeding or ghosting like u want to choose a word for it – u see all bright things from used app in a dark theme or dark a themed app – this is fucking bull shit what motorola doing, same thing we have on xiaomi phones – just read some posts on xda

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