Moto G8 Power review

We cover the Motorola G8 Power’s top features, build and screen quality, battery life, performance, and camera image quality in a short and sweet video.

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45 Replies to “Moto G8 Power review”

  1. Tetsuo_G9

    Fun fact, a lot of reviewers talk about the for it's price "great" camera setup on the G8 power. People, if you want to buy a phone it's very important not to only watch one review. Listen to several opinions. The best thing would be to ask people you know in person using a certain device. Btw YTs are more and more paid by certain companies.

  2. Lucian

    Ok so, I have this phone right now and I observed something, first I let it die to 0% battery so I can charge it to 100% (I heard that's what you do for the first charge) and I let it charge for like 2 hours and it was 26% or something, and then I opened it, and let it charge again, and it was charging really fast, 100% in less than an hour. Is it a problem or a feature? I am worried

  3. dbzssj4678

    You cannot use the Bluetooth and wifi at the same time on this phone. Literally data through Edge is better than using wifi with bluetooth…

  4. Timothy Kruse

    Are the colors accurate?. I bought one of these but when I look at a red chair with the camera app the red I see on the phone doesn't match the red I see with my own eyes. It's a much lighter red. I find the display not very colorful at all. I've tried all the display settings to no avail. Wondering if I got a lemon.

  5. Jonny Shelton

    Love my new g8 power. It has excellent battery and a certain quality I didn't expect for the price I paid, I'm more than happy.would recommend this product to anyone looking for a new phone.

  6. Greg Crezee

    I do agree with many on here. I don't live on my phone. I do my serious work on my 27 inch apple set up when I'm home. And the constant ripping of the camera. That's hilarious! My legit camera will smoke any phone, any time! Bottom line, it's a budget phone!! And serves its purpose perfectly.

  7. capitan von chicken pants

    My G7 power died after 12 months, my G8 power lite wouldn't connect to
    4G took it back, the Moto G4 is the best Moto I've had, apart from the micro USB socket, I don't think I'll be buying another Moto

  8. Bryan Austin

    I wish more reviews talked about and show you the built in apps and bloatware. This is coming from a Realme x2 so there cant be much worse than that.

  9. MontyPizzle

    All these features like gaming and camera are completely irrelevant with this device. It surprises me you said nothing more about battery tests. Or a review on how long it lasted in your day to day use. I’m considering buying this because of the battery and the fact that the screen is pretty decent resolution.

  10. smoke14

    I bought one a week ago on sale at Best Buy for $230, regular price is $250. Which phones are better in this price range? So far the only thing I don't like about it is when you scroll a web page it is laggy…but I had the same problem with my Moto G6. After a few tweaks I got the G6 scrolling pretty smoothly. Still tweaking the G Power. It lacks bass? It's a freaking cell phone. If I want bass I'll listen to my home stereo. With that said, through ear buds it has damn good bass….more than my girlfriends iPhone 11, and almost as much as my higher end HP laptop.

  11. Nero Bruno

    Ha! I can get ANY phone I want and I still choose Motorola. Yes, it's true Samsung and Apple outperform on certain aspects like camera and processor but…. for what I need to do with a phone… it's UNNECESSARY.

    This guy keeps complaining about the cameras on the G8 Power as if it's the end of the world. As if it's a drama. He never discussed the REALLY IMPORTANT features of the phone.

    Also, when he said there are better phones "at this price" he did NOT NAME ONE of them.

    Are we buying a TELEPHONE or a camera?

    (commented from my 2017 Moto G5, which is still more practical than my iPhone)

  12. datapro007

    64gb internal storage? Who cares? This phone has an SD card slot. Camera? Get a real camera with a real sensor and real optics. Just my take. I think this is a great phone. Just my humble opinion.

  13. Guess

    Yesterday I switched from G7 Power to G Power. I just switched back a few minutes ago. The first problem was the hotspot could not be used and my provider could not solve the problem. That was the deciding factor for switching back to G7. I bought it because I wanted the new features 64gb with 4gb RAM and to upgrade to Android 10 and none of those are worth not having the hot spot. And the new processor is no big deal, at all, not a noticeable upgrade. Battery life is great but that like all the features with G7 are not improvements. The new G Power also feels cheap and I absolutely hate the camera "dot" to the left that is an eyesore. I do not recommend G Power if you already enjoy your G7. I have been a Straight Talk customer for a decade and the G7 is their best performer with supported features.

  14. James Simpson

    I can't get my G8 Power to cast to TV. I have a Netgear PVT3000, but when I try to cast it says "available", then "connected", but switches back to "available" and never connects, never casts to TV. Worked fine on my Axon ZTE. Any idea why my G8 Power won't cast to TV?

  15. Matej Rajčan

    Can you compare to older g7 power? The biggest letdown of it was a camera… no macro, often blurry shots… other things were really good for such price.

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