Moto X4 Android One Unboxing & Detailed Walkthrough

I unbox the new Moto x4 Android One made for Google Project Fi, and give you a detailed walkthrough of the phone.

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46 Replies to “Moto X4 Android One Unboxing & Detailed Walkthrough”

  1. Mark Lucas

    Does the phone have a strong vibrate which I will notice when the phone is on Silent and in my pants pockets as I walk down a noisy street? I have missed lots of whatsapp/message notifications with other phones, and need a device with a strong vibrate. Is the Moto X4 good for that?

  2. VetteMaro86

    Nice, detailed review. Although I would've really liked a more in depth look at the software and how responsive it is vs something similar like the xiaomi mi A1 since that is a very solid competitor to this. Starting to get buyer's remorse after watching this video. Especially since i already ordered the mi A1, not gonna lie lol.. Maybe +J Williams can help out with this one

  3. W B

    I bought mine after watching many reviews of moto x4. In my opinion it's a mediocre phone, with a mediocre camera. Battery is amazing. It's much better to buy last year's flagship than buy a brand new mid-range phone. I'll return mine very soon to google.

  4. Tracey ODonnell

    very informative, I just ordered the Amazon version. Does Nougat allow for the sdcard swap for internal memory as in marshmallow?  Im hoping…  now to find a YT video on what project fi is.. thanks for the vid

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