Moto X4 Unboxing: Dual Camera Android One Phone!

Here is a look at the new Motorola Moto X4! This is an Android One device running stock Android and a dual camera. Moto X4 for only $330:

Android One looks to bring a high performing budget device to the market.

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38 Replies to “Moto X4 Unboxing: Dual Camera Android One Phone!”

  1. Karan deep Sharma

    Please give away it to me for sake of God you already have so many mobile phones sir I really want it ?????? please please please please please please please please please please!!!!! Sir

  2. John Phillips

    Why does everyone mention you can expand the storage up to 2 terabytes if you want to? Even if I wanted to I couldn't because such micro SD cards do not exist. San Disk is working on a 1 terabyte micro SD card. The biggest card one can buy is 500gb

  3. Caio Pellegrini Tessarotto

    I am from Brazil and here in Brazil we are having some troubles with moto x4, the front camera doesn't focus correctly. Can someone please check this and report me, just to be sure if that is just a isolated problem.
    The camera can't focus on things that are to close, for an example, if you try to take a selfie, the background is going to be in better focus than your face.
    Here I have sme website were you can know how to see this problem that I just spoke:

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