Motorola G8 Plus review

ALL YOU NEED TO KNOW about the Moto G8 Plus’s top features, build and screen quality, battery life, performance, and camera image quality in a short and sweet video.

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34 Replies to “Motorola G8 Plus review”

  1. Biggiebaby

    These reviews always harp on and on about camera. I don't even care.
    Will it break when I drop it?
    Can I see the screen in bright daylight?
    That's all.

  2. Bronco9

    Love Motorola but hate the fact they have the head phone jack at the top of the phone . Do they have any models in which it is at the bottom ????

  3. Gee

    I purchased both this Motorola and Xiaomi 8T. I found the Xiaomi operating system intrusive with it's annoying ads built within the settings panel. I put the Xiaomi up for sale two days later

  4. James Simpson

    I can't get my G8 Power to cast to TV. I have a Netgear PVT3000, and when I try to cast it says "available", then "connected", but switches back to "available" and never connects, never casts to TV. Worked fine on my Axon ZTE. Any idea why my G8 Power won't cast to TV?

  5. Crood

    Damn I'm really interested on this phone. Sadly with virus I got no money. I hope the phone is still at $205.99 on August when I plan to buy the phone. Phone seems kick ass good.

  6. JL Quebbeman

    I bought this phone in January 2020 to replace an LG V20. I love it. The battery alone makes it worth buying. I charge it maybe once a day, depending on how much I'm using it. Calls are clear and crisp, screen is visible outside in bright sunlight. It has everything I wanted in a smartphone: 64GB/4GB, expandable storage, type C, headphone port, large battery. It is maybe a bit husky, especially since I use a case and holster but I'm willing to overlook that.

  7. Yesmer

    I have one. The battery life is extremely short. I own a g6 plus as well which had a much longer battery life. I'm disappointed.

  8. Extruder SFX

    ”Only 4 gb of RAM”

    My Amiga 600HD had 2MB RAM and a 60 meg harddrive. It could play Moonstone off of floppy disks. Try doing THAT with yer fance schmancy $950 iPhone.

  9. jezzalanko

    I have a g5 and it's still runs great only issue it's running out of room the battery life is starting to fail as I get less then a day with excessive use but it's over 3 years old and have dropped the phone countless times that's why I love Motorola I have used sony and Nokia's in the past and they only last 6 months before I have to replace them

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