Motorola Moto G8 Mega-Comparison | Which is best for me, G8, Power, Plus or Lite?

Comparing Motorola’s complete Moto G8 smartphone family, to see which is best for specs, camera tech, speed, battery and beyond. The cheapest of the bunch is the Moto G8 Power Lite, costing £150 in the UK. Next is the G8, then the Power and finally the Plus.

39 Replies to “Motorola Moto G8 Mega-Comparison | Which is best for me, G8, Power, Plus or Lite?”

  1. smievil

    feel like going for a nokia, maybe motorola. it's funny though, i don't think i've heard anything about those brands since early childhood

  2. Leo Freihofer

    My work now requires phones with Android 10 or 11. My Samsung Note 8 is stuck at Android 9 so I had to upgrade. Found the Moto g8 Power on Amazon for $169 plus tax that comes with Android 10 installed. Think that is the cheapest phone I ever bought. 🙂

  3. AllanFC23

    Excellent and entertaining review – I am interested in buying the G8 but I see that Motorola are bringing out an E7 plus hopefully in early September which might be similar in price and spec and hope you'll be doing a review asap ?

  4. dr_ clavijo

    Many Motorolas have bad internal audio and speaker audio during phone calls (like Moto G7 or Moto One Action). How about this 4 models? Thank You

  5. Martin Waterhouse

    .. also picked up a G8 Power Lite for playing Pokemon Go – the game itself works but there's some touch screen issues under certain conditions in the game requiring a reboot to correct 🙁

  6. redsla2

    Excellent review, and thanks for sorting out the differences for me between the G8 models. I am opting for the G8, it suits me fine. Seems a good allrounder for a budget phone (under £200).

  7. capitan von chicken pants

    My Moto 4 was a brilliant phone killed by the most shit connection ever devised by man thre micro USB I can't believe Moto Is still using it
    My Moto G7 power died of black screen for no reason
    For no reason

  8. Ju Ny

    I buy a power lite for me is great. For the things I do is nice, I don't need a flashy cellphone so people start looking on it. Y just use it for playing my csr 2 race game, call my spouse, my son, and work and see video on YouTube and anime.

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