Motorola Moto G8 Power Lite | Unboxing & Tour

Unboxing the Motorola Moto G8 Power Lite, a more budget-friendly alternative versus the standard G8 Power which emerged earlier in 2020. This hands-on review covers the hardware and software on Motorola’s most affordable new G-series mobile. From the triple-lens camera to the battery tech and performance, here’s all you need to know ahead of my in-depth Power Lite review!

So the original handset was a bit too pricey, costing almost the same as the Plus model. While battery life wasn’t as strong as hoped, thanks to the power-sapping Full HD display. However, the Moto G8 Power Lite seems to make amends with its cheap £150 UK asking price, 720p display and energy efficient Mediatek chipset. I’ll be testing this Motorola blower in full to see how good the longevity really is, along with the speed.

And yeah, the camera tech will probably struggle in tricky situations but should be fine for everyday photos and video. While the HD screen is fine for some YouTube action or whatever.

Come back soon for my full review and a Moto G8 series comparison!

44 Replies to “Motorola Moto G8 Power Lite | Unboxing & Tour”

  1. Anthony Duncalf

    My Uncle just bought this for £99 from Argos. He doesn't have home broadband but now can access the internet from a £99 device and have an email address of his own. I think that is quite amazing because it wasn't that long ago when you needed a desktop PC to do it all. Mid range smartphones are very quick now and have loads of Ram and storage.

  2. petrina rego

    I’m so excited I’m getting this phone on Monday because my phone I already have is smashed my 4 year old daughter dropped my phone and now it doesn’t work I had an iPhone 11 Pro Max

  3. 1stdrive

    I got this phone today for the bargain price of £99.95 and it came with Android 10, just in case anyone out there is put off it by thinking it'll have an older version.

  4. LongHuII

    I own a Mo and I absolutely adore the three finger screenshot feature compare to these other phoons, In Mo if enabled just place three fingers on the screen and you get a screenshot. The other phoons are just ludicrously cumbersome of course you can DL one, from the play store, but I don’t really like those that much. I also like the smooth sake and the flash light comes on when you can’t see at nighttime feature. The twist feature comes in very handy when you need to take a quick photo of friends you haven’t seen in eons because of the coo lockdowns. I also liked some LG’s, but this is a smash and grab steal. NOW, which Mo would you really want? That drove me nuts the last time I took an interest in Mo phoons. I thought I was buying the biggest one, and I didn’t buy the biggest one. They fooled me.

  5. Sleeping Lea

    Hi. Has anyone else got problem with slow, sticky scrolling on this phone? I tried to Google it and change settings but still no help. Now seeing the guy scrolling it normally I’m beginning to think our device might be faulty…

  6. M S

    Boss, glad you've got a review of this one too, cos this is the other phone I was looking at alongside the E6 Plus. Nice one. 👍

  7. GILLIAN Jamieson

    Guys please help me here just bought my motorola power lite .. I noticed my screen doesn't go from edge to edge can I put this right ..?…plus battery life doesnt last three days . Crap battery life .. seriously..

  8. Taden Darkrunner

    You forgot to mention the screen shows L shape corner boarders bottom left & right when the screen is off and comes out of standby. Also shows red light top right when battery is low.

  9. Lauren T

    I'm looking for a new budget phone for my partner for Christmas, he always goes for the cheapest, so me looking about £100-£150 is pushing the boat out in his mind, just can't decide which one is for him. I guess anything would be better than what he would get himself!

  10. OmegaMess

    just broke my phone and i rarely use my phone anyways since i'm always at home & have a desktop. probably gonna pick this bad boy up, seems to be the cheapest one you can get for how good it is

  11. Pamela Irene

    Thank you for this! Leaving behind my google pixel that dropped SIGNIFICANTLY in battery life after android 10 and is constantly lagging these days and going back to tried and true Motorola. I never should have left them in the first place. And for $130 on amazon at the moment, you truly cannot beat it.

  12. Bradley Byrnes

    Updating my trusty 5 year old HTC Desire to this Motorola. Hope that lasts for at least 5 years as well. Not a fan of changing phones just for the sake of it 😂

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