Motorola Moto G8 Power Review | A worthy G7 successor?

Review of the Motorola Moto G8 Power, follow-up to one of the best budget smartphones of recent times, including full camera test, battery life run-down and everyday opinions. The Moto G8 Power once again sports a 5000mAh cell like the G7, but also updates the specs and boasts a fresh quad lens rear camera. So is it an essential affordable handset for 2020?

Known only as the ‘G Power’ in the States, this Motorola blower costs £230 in the UK – a similar price to the G8 Plus, which launched end of last year. Once again you have a sizeable Full HD display, stock Android (this time a bit of Android 10) and respectable enough budget performance. However, the Power also packs in a bigger battery and different camera hardware.

I’m more of a fan of the photo quality from the Plus phone, but the Moto G8 Power will do for everyday shots and video. Likewise, the longevity is solid if not quite as stunning as the previous generation device. But if you’re into movies and media, no worries. Motorola has packed in stereo speakers, Dolby audio and a headphone jack, to compliment the crisp and colourful screen.

Check out my unboxing and Plus comparison for more on this brilliant wallet-friendly mobile.

46 Replies to “Motorola Moto G8 Power Review | A worthy G7 successor?”

  1. Slav Nikolov

    It doesn't support 5GHz wifi networks.
    It's ridiculous because my old 5g+ does. I've spent hours of reading and watching reviews before buying it (including this video) and no one has ever mention that.
    If I knew 8g model is downgraded in this feature, I would never buy it. This is the last Motorola phone I am buying.

  2. Jürgen Eckert

    Can't agree with your opinion about G8 plus* Nightmode. Worked terrible at my phone because pics got blurry, poorly brightened in dark areas (that's what it should do normally), too much and unnatural saturation and they seemed to have forgotten HDR on the Selfiecam. So, no, would not Motorola describe as a camera specialist.

  3. gaspanda

    Battery is great but a few issues for me. The wifi connection isnt great. My old g6 can pick up my wifi from upstairs whereas this seems to struggle even from the next room. Secondly get a good case because it's really fragile, the screen shattered easily after a minor bump..

  4. agnishwar

    Love your review! I'm thinking of switching from my nearly dying iphone 6s+ to this, and I really like your approach and effort in reviewing this.

    Just a small suggestion: Please add chapters to your video's progress bar! It makes it easier to focus on what you're saying. However, your video is mostly clear

  5. Sean

    Bought the phone after watching this review a few months ago. Fantastic phone and great review but do you have any idea how to stop Google assistant ( I've already disabled the app ) it's bloody annoying with wireless earbuds.

  6. CaseFace

    A few years ago I bought a phone and drove home with it. When I got home, an hour away, I was using it and started feeling incredibly sick. Just looking at it made me nauseous. I was nauseous even if it was just near me. It was the weirdest thing. I looked it up and it was a newly released model said to have one of the highest rates of radiation. I no longer remember everything about that, but I drove back and returned it and did some research and ended up with a Moto g7 power. It's been a few years now, and it's the best phone I've ever had. I absolutely love the battery life and usability. (although the update a few months ago REALLY messed with my battery life and I'm NOT happy about it)
    And, that flashlight feature is the best phone feature I've ever had.
    I actually ended up talking about the thing so much that my husband bought one, and so did my mom. They are both equally thrilled with their phones.
    Yesterday though I dropped it without the case. I have shattered my screen. Repair quotes are 100 bucks. A new one is 170, and a new G8 is 200. This was incredibly helpful for me, and I really appreciated this review!

  7. DM 10

    How'd you forgot to mention this device doesn't have 5GHZ!!!!!!!!!! I can't connect to the most of public WiFi that only have 5GHZ. It has only 2.4GHZ wifi that only connect with our homes routers. Guys please think about this main factor before buying this.

  8. halluj

    Nice! Do you have any advice of a similar motorola phone but with a camera that can handle different lightnings elegantly? 🙂 (as budget as possible thanks)

  9. Yea Bby4

    Does it have a full hd Resolution? It s All I m interested about because I saw in a few place hd and in other fhd. Can someone tell me? Or there are 2 Version? I m gonna buy it next week so some help would be super helpfull

  10. lookoutleo

    ive had 3 different g series phones and after a year they start going mental, wont charge properly and going from 100% to 50 in 5 minutes, random restarts , one of them crashed then on restart touch pannel had died . love the phones but just seems thou they have a built in distruct button , 3 in a row done same things 4 then 5 then 5s

  11. dennis dales

    Somehow, unexpectedly this phone has become my daily driver since I bought it last June. The G8 Power takes really good pics and the interface is actually very snappy. It's not even a "for the price" thing. It's actually a very good all round phone. I've come to really like the display as well. This phone is why I ditched Apple's over priced and underwhelming hardware. I tried to go back to my iPhone 8 and just couldn't. The wrist twist to open the camera on the G8 Power is worth the price of admission alone. You can get it now for $250 bucks in Canada on Amazon. So my only gripe is that I should've waited for the price drop. Thanks for the video! You actually helped me to make the leap.

  12. Whodo Youvoodo

    This damn phone is currently only $149.99 unlocked and free shipping as of October 6th 2020. I bought one as soon as I saw thjs review. Insane deal for the price. In future reviews can you also add what items come in the box. For example the charger and headphones. Also if you could include the box item specs like what watt the charger is and stuff. I feel like those added details would add maybe 2 minutes to your finished video and would add a lot of info to your content. Overall great work
    9/10 from me.

  13. K4g4m1

    Thanks for the review. I'll be checking back to your channel the next time i need to replace my smartphone but for now I'm going to buy this one.

  14. Tomahawk H.

    I bought my G8 Power last month when my old Galaxy S7 powered on for the last time and I didn't watch any reviews for it, just did about 30mins of research of benchmarks pretty much and I can say it's a much better smartphone than I was expecting. I haven't used a Motorola since the Moto E 1st Gen was still kind of new and I can say they're 2/2 in my books

  15. Carl Nunes

    Love ❤️ your reviews. Bought the Motorola Moto G8 Power a week ago and so far it's amazing.
    Love ❤️ the speakers and the battery ❤️❤️
    For the money 💰 it was a real steal. I only paid S$232/- Singapore dollars from Amazon. Amazing 🤩, it's worth at least twice that…
    Everything works great 😜.
    Buy this phone guys !!!

  16. Stig Henning Johansen

    I wish reviews can report video quality, and especially video sound quality as well. I had a Cinese
    phone half the price of this, filming a Black Sabbath gig 40m from the scene with fantastic bass and
    sound quality, and much more expensive units that just was not up to the challenge. Same with call
    quality, and signal quality, coverage.

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