Motorola Moto G8 Power vs Plus | Which is best for me?

Comparing Motorola’s new Moto G8 Power versus the G8 Plus, to see which has the best camera tech, battery life, performance and everyday features for your needs. Both of these Motorola smartphones are among the greatest budget handsets of 2020, costing under £250 in the UK, yet they pack some impressive specs. My full review of the Moto G8 Power is coming soon, and you can see my final verdict on the Plus model right now here on Tech Spurt.

Design-wise, these devices are both water repellent and a similar size, with a plastic finish. You get a 6.4-inch screen on the Power, a slight edge over its 6.3-inch Moto rival, although either way you get crisp FHD+ visuals and a stereo speaker setup.

Performance is a match, as the Motorola G8 Power packs a Snapdragon 665 chipset just like the Plus. However, the Power serves up a bigger battery and the latest Android 10 OS, while the alternative is NFC support and a sharper primary camera. The optics are very different in fact, with a wide angle and telephoto option on the newer handset. While the G8+ only offers wide angle action for video.

So which one are you most tempted by? Check out my review of the best Motorola phones for more inspiration!

33 Replies to “Motorola Moto G8 Power vs Plus | Which is best for me?”

  1. John Mackay

    I'm still rocking the Moto G4 running android 7. It has taken some beating through my working day being a joiner, you couldn't kill it with a stick, but after three years its starting to get a bit laggy and I feel a new mobile purchase coming on. For some reason I can't see past Motorola even with their sluggish updates. I'm glad I've stumbled across your reviews this past week, gives me food for thought. Thanks👍

  2. Leslie Shafer

    You were speaking rather fast so let me make sure I have the correct info. The G8 Power had an actual Optical as opposed to just a Digital Zoom. But the G8 Plus has Image Stabilization & a Night Mode. Are the 2 previous sentences correct? And for a non-camera question: does the person on the other end of a call have a hard time hearing you when you use either of these Motorolas? I've heard this is a bit of an issue with Motorola phones?

  3. Sanchit Varma

    Motorola in my opinion has the best Android UI right now.
    It's basically stock across so it's very snappy and fluid with no bloatware or ads. Plus the added moto features such as moto actions and peek display are genuinely useful.

    Moto just needs to get their updates faster and more regular to make the experience unbeatable.

  4. Elizabeth ann Bell

    I'm in Gloucester UK. I have a budget around the £200 quid mark that will take good home vids of guitar and vocals. Sound and playback quality is as important as picture quality. So which phone do you think would best suit our needs please? Which would you recommend? Muchly appreciate your reviews by the way.

  5. spiffcats

    Had the moto e4 for a long time, very nice phone but the camera just doesnt do it anymore. Wish the moto g8 power had a better camera, went with the plus. I would have been willing to pay over 300 if they gave me a 500 battery and 48mp camera.

  6. Naki

    The Moto devices are highly underrated. I've been using Moto for 8 years,started with Moto G,then bought Moto G4 and now getting Moto G8 Power. The glass screen are tremendously brilliant. My phone has fallen down so many times and the device is still untouched. You see idiots buying 1000 dollar apple phones with a very sensitive screen that when it breaks they need 300 dollars to fix it. Waste of money. I'm a moto fan and always will be.

  7. Deadeye77

    So just ordered the G8 Plus. Biggest winning reason was the G8 plus has a compass, something I didn't think I really needed when i got my old G5S plus. What a pain without it. Other minor reasons fractionally smaller and lighter.

  8. Mark George

    The g8 power surprisingly has more cameras and a more modern selfie camera then the g8 plus… In addition it's large battery and android 10 interface means for a cheaper price you get overall more (a slightly worse camera but that's it) and it will last you longer in terms of software updates

  9. Bronco9

    Love Motorola but hate the fact they have the head phone jack at the top of the phone . Do they have any models in which it is at the bottom ????

  10. TiffL67

    I thought I'd like the g8 Power, but after seeing this. I'm liking the plus features. I'm partial to the navigation Buttons at the bottom. I love having them. If I got the plus, and it auto updates to version 10. Will I lose the navigation buttons?

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