Motorola Moto G8 Review | Another Solid Sub-£200 Budget Phone?

Review of the Motorola Moto G8, yet another smartphone entry to the budget-friendly G-series of 2020. I’ve been testing the Moto G8 as my personal handset for a few days and here’s how the camera tech, performance, battery life and other bits stack up.

The ever-growing range of cheap Motorola mobiles is getting ever more complicated, so check out my comparison of the full family to see which is best for you. I’ve also rounded up my favourite budget smartphones under £200 if your funds are a bit tight.

The Motorola G8 is one of the more affordable handsets in the series, costing less than the Power and Plus models. You have a 720p display instead of Full HD, plus no stereo speaker setup, but the performance is still provided by a Snapdragon 665 platform – backed by 4GB RAM. Battery life is good too, although the Power does offer a stronger return with its 5000mAh cell.

That triple-lens rear camera is unsurprisingly limited, but the Moto G8 can still take good looking photos in respectable lighting. Motorola’s AI features are back on board to help as well.

So that’s my full review, and check out my unboxings and verdicts on the other G-series phones of 2020 to see how they compare.

33 Replies to “Motorola Moto G8 Review | Another Solid Sub-£200 Budget Phone?”

  1. Ivan Davies

    The motorola G8 is a literal downgrade from motorola G6. On G6, there is NFC, dual band wifi, glass back. The only difference is the slightly less bezel. ridiculous!

  2. James Simpson

    I can't get my G8 Power to cast to TV. I have a Netgear PVT3000, and when I try to cast it says "available", then "connected", but switches back to "available" and never connects, never casts to TV. Worked fine on my Axon ZTE. Any idea why my G8 Power won't cast to TV?

  3. Bence Borovi

    I'd like to point out that this phone supports HDR10. I just bought one for my grandparents, and I was surprised that it supports HDR videos (e.g.: the Motorola One Zoom doesn't support it, yet it costs 400+ EUR, and this phone was only 150 EUR (discounted from 200 EUR)). No doubt best price/value for 150 EUR.

  4. Gamerize

    Hoping you can help me decide which phone to go for. I cant make up my mind between the G8 Plus or the One Action. G8 plus is slightly more expensive, but doesnt seem to have as good CPU and GPU? One Action is lacking that battery oomf and fast charging. Please help!

  5. MrBlue

    Hi Chris, I recently bought this Moto G8 and am currently using the clear case that came in box. I'd prefer a better sturdier case but can only find ones for the G8 Power / Plus. Do you know where I can get a good case?

    Thanks mate!

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