Motorola One | Complete Guide

Unboxing, camera tests and review of Motorola’s latest Android One smartphone, simply called the ‘Motorola One’.

The Moto One costs £300 in the UK and sports quite basic specs, so it’s up against tough rivalry from the Nokia 7 Plus and other stock Android mobiles. Not to mention Motorola’s own Moto G6 family. Still, despite its limited performance, we like this device – it’s not the best of its kind, but it’s a well designed handset with the peace of mind that Google offers with those regular updates.

You can check out our reviews of other Android One smartphones such as Nokia’s 7.1 here on Recombu, and we’ll be featuring more Moto handsets in 2019.

40 Replies to “Motorola One | Complete Guide”

  1. Happy Fox

    A little later (in 2020) if you're looking for a bargain and are happy with last year models, you can pick this up for 165,- euros, or about the same price as a Lenovo Z5S, the last one is a faster better (and bigger – if that is better ?) phone from just about the same company (IBM=Lenovo=Motorola) but it can be a hustle to pick up for that price. In my case I opted for the Z5S – of course, but it was so impossible to ship it to the place my boat was at, that it ended up with a refund (thank you Aliexpress automatic AI mailing service, isn't it great when you remove anyone who could have found an easy solution to an even easier problem, from the loop ?) My next choice then was to run down to Mediamarkt and get the Motorola One in fucking person instead. No more none accepted post codes that way. Love the fact that it's smaller, hate that it has the Snapdragon 625 vs. 710 in the Lenovo. Cooler that it says Motorola at the bottom though, after all they are the original inventors of the whole gsm system.

  2. akshay bharadwaj

    A littel better processor like a 636/710 and a little price up for that and this would have been perfect phone .. inside 6 inches screen is also a big plus in my opinion

  3. Shadey

    Good review in general. But why do you never mention the built in speaker. I often listen to podcasts and don't always want to wear headphones.

  4. Xeliicious

    Subbed after this. Your reviews are clear and to-the-point, cheers mate! I've ordered this phone for around £165 now, I feel it's definitely worth it, ahah

  5. Simon Cheng

    we hate bloatware and junkware preinstall in Firmware ,

    it cause system in secure and don't know your phone which network port is opening and listening

    so Flash android is much better to install F-droid and another flashing Operating system

  6. Giovanni Manalang

    I think the Xiaomi Mi A2 Lite is still a better buy than this one. Though it lacks USB C and the better look, I believe that you're gonna get the same experience with the Mi A2 Lite. It's got a bigger battery, same specs as this thing, and it's gonna cost you less too 🙂

  7. Michael Smith

    It's a shame that the Motorola One Power is not for sale here in the UK. For me this would be the perfect phone to replace my Lenovo P2 due to its battery.

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