Motorola One Fusion+ Unboxing & Overview

Motorola One Fusion+ Unboxing & Overview is a new mid-range smartphone having a Snapdragon 730G SOC comes with 6GB RAM / 128GB internal storage has a 6.5″ Full HD+ IPS LCD screen and is HDR10 certified it comes with Quad Rear Camera with 64MP being the main and 16MP pop-up front camera it has a 5000 mAh battery with 18W fast charger and comes with almost stock Android Interface.

Motorola One Fusion + is officially sold in India via

My review of this Motorola One Fusion +

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  1. Arshar Android

    I bought moto x play after watching ranjits video.. was a good phone.. until I screwed it up trying to replace battery.. motorola spare parts are not available in service centers and updates are provided in eons.. pretty happy with Samsung now.. I want to buy moto but they need to bring their service to par with samsung.. moto can do well in indian market.. and they need to bring that moto x design back get out of this rat race desigh moto… moto x pattern rules..

  2. Abhigyan Pal

    You are the only Indian tech youtuber that genuinely tells us a lot of specifications about any product that you review. Hats off to you and keep making such informative videos. 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👌👌

  3. Suraj Patil

    This mobile is very cheap quality product, photos are with white spot, and clearity is also not good, display showing flickering, and much more issues are there so be aware, I have this mobile which hav lots of problems, so don't buy this one. Please choose alternative

  4. Viral Patel

    I have recently purchased Motorola One Fusion Plus from flipkart. In your video, I can see live motorola live wallpaper on home screen. But, I can not find any option to set live moto wallpaper in my device. So, can you tell me how can I set moto live wallpaper on my device as I see in your video?

  5. the unnoticed being

    After watching all the OnePlus 8 series phones I finally ordered Motorola One Fusion+.😁
    This will be my 4th Motorola phone.🙃
    I am very confident that it won't disappoint me.😀

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