Motorola One hands-on: a budget iPhone X clone

Motorola officially announced the Motorola One and Motorola One Power at IFA 2018, a pair of mid-range Android One phones that offer a sleek, budget-friendly spin on Apple’s iPhone X design. But they’ll only be available in Europe, Latin America, and Asia — sorry, U.S. customers.


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43 Replies to “Motorola One hands-on: a budget iPhone X clone”

  1. Milan Petković

    Motorola One

    GSM Arena: ''Unfortunately, no, it's not glass and has a very distinct plastic feeling to it. Even the accented rims around the camera lenses are plastic – again not the best material for durability. As we already pointed out, it would probably be a good idea to just keep the Motorola One inside a case.''

    A'm really confused!

  2. Jonathan

    I'm considering the Motorola One for a 2 week trip to Mexico, and don't really want to travel with my Note9, since it'll cost me a lot more if I break it. Can anyone tell me about their experience with the Moto One?

  3. Bisam Sapkota

    The reason I searched this phone is that I wanted to ask why? why the notch yet there's a slight chin. The point is to eliminate the bezels but notch is supposed to house the camera… Motorola, what's on your mind? "lenovo"? srsly tho… take Motorola seriously.

  4. Prowler

    I'm proposing to buy an Android One phone to escape all the bloatware Samsung continues to push to my current device. However, as I understand it photos are saved to the Google Cloud which is not something I want because it means I have to go online in order to view them.

    So my question is can this behaviour be avoided by having photos saved to internal storage, or possibly to an SDcard by using a camera app?

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