Motorola One Hyper: A $400 pixel-binning beast?

The Motorola One Hyper is the latest in the One line — a pop up camera, super fast charging, and a lot of pixel binning might make this phone toe the line between high-end features and mid-range affordability.

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35 Replies to “Motorola One Hyper: A $400 pixel-binning beast?”

  1. RS1

    Can someone break down in barney terms the quad pixels thing.. 😐 i know he explained it but i didnt get it at all. 😬 i suck at math…alot 😞

  2. Alex K

    in case someones looking at this thinking its a great deal and they should get this because its in their price range: dont. you can get an lg g8s for around 400 now. its better in every single way.

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