Motorola One Hyper Review

Review of the Motorola One Hyper, the latest Moto mid-range smartphone to hit the UK, after a week of using it as my personal mobile. Here’s the skinny on that camera tech, the stock Android 10 UI, performance, battery life and all the other important bits.

Now, Motorola hasn’t exactly held back with its launches of late. As we hit 2020, I’ve already lost count of how many Moto One blowers have been released, although the Hyper is definitely a worthy addition to the family. The camera hardware has been upgraded over the G8 Plus, Action and other recent devices, and I love the results from the dual lens setup. It’s not as versatile as the Zoom, but it’s very good indeed.

The Motorola One Hyper also offers a smooth everyday experience with Android 10. You get all those great features like a dark mode and navigation gestures, with no clunky overlay. Plus, the performance and battery life are solid for the asking price.

You can check out which Moto phone might be best for you in my full Motorola comparison, published just last week, where I compare and round up the many, many handsets from these guys that I’ve reviewed.

21 Replies to “Motorola One Hyper Review”

  1. Thekiterunner09

    I love Motorola one hyper it's so good for anyone
    But I have a little problem
    Please anyone tell me how to take a screenshot in the comments
    Usually I use this phone to record

  2. Robert Young

    I bought hyperone. I would not recommend it. It runs hot, very hot. It freezes . So now it's a phone. If I run YouTube for any short length of time it gets hot very hot. The service from Motorola is appaling, all they will do is refund me once I return it, they will not replace it. I just don't understand that way of doing business. So as my life is on the phone and I need a phone in effect I am being forced to keep the hyper one. When I can afford to replace it I will but not with a Motorola. This is essentially only a phone, any additional usage it heats up. Bad rola.

  3. Jeremiah Sumner

    Very helpful thank you! Where can I find one of these 'hyper' chargers mentioned in the video? I searched online but it only turns up chargers for the hyper model.

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