Motorola One Macro | Unboxing & Full Tour

Unboxing Motorola’s One Macro smartphone, with a hands-on review of the camera tech and run through the specs, best features and UK price/release date info.

I’m starting to lose track of all these Moto One mobiles landing late 2019, each of which focus on the rear camera and offer a very different USP from one another. The Motorola One Macro unsurprisingly delivers a clever close-up shooter, for those really intimate photos. There’s no telephoto lens like the Zoom, or super-stable video like you get with the One Action – and I have to wonder if that macro snapper will get much use from everyday consumers.

While the £179 UK asking price is respectable, a little bit of extra cash will bag you the excellent G8 Plus from Motorola – while the G7 Power is just as strong competition. Those specs are fine, if nothing special – a Mediatek P70 chipset backed by 4GB of RAM, a 6.2-inch HD+ screen etc. Though the 4000mAh battery will hopefully keep you going all day.

Are you tempted by the Moto One Macro? Let us know below and check back soon for a full review.

39 Replies to “Motorola One Macro | Unboxing & Full Tour”

  1. van8eren

    Very annoying phone. Normal calling or refusing a call is very complicated. You can only use the slide bar for those actions and you have to be very quick.

  2. Steve Dijkhof

    Don't buy this,there are better smartphones for the same price,can't even use chromecast with vpn on,and this is just one of several flaws,i never buy a motorola again.

  3. Lou Cipher

    i thought most budget phones have macro camera? what make this macro vision thing stands out? tbh i find macro camera to be useful to snap and read them small tiny microscopic fonts on product labels, its not all just photography

  4. Emiel333 Official

    My brother was looking for a new phone. He wasn’t willing to pay a lot of cash. I recommended this Motorola and yes, he bought it. It was €129. Not bad if you ask me.

  5. MØSI

    It's a good phone but I did not have a screen recorder, I have tried every screen recorder but they all recorded external audio but i want to screen record only with internal audio, someone know how i could fix this

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