Motorola One Unboxing | Full Android One tour

Unboxing, setup and full tour of the Motorola One, the first Android One Moto handset and alternative to the Moto G6 series.

The Motorola One sports a fully vanilla version of Android OS, meaning you can expect timely security updates and full upgrades. Specs-wise it’s your typical sub-200 pound smartphone, powered by a Snapdragon 625 chipset, with a dual lens camera for shooting your life. Moto has added only a couple of bonus features, otherwise leaving Android well alone – so you don’t get as much functionality on the Motorola One as you do on the G6 Plus, Z3 Play and so on. However, the reasonably compact design is sleek and we’re looking forward to fully reviewing this Moto blower.

Stay tuned for more on the Motorola One, including an in-depth look at the camera tech and comparisons with competitors such as the Honor Play over on Tech Spurt.

25 Replies to “Motorola One Unboxing | Full Android One tour”

  1. Roy Kong

    The notch is terrible. I used it for 2 weeks and experience serious system hang for few time and I reset it eventually. And the camera is not really good.

  2. Christian Manarin

    Hi, @Recombu can you please make a video on motorola one how is it working since you got it. Currently using my moto one for 4 months honestly i do not have any complaints about mine but i see the new motorola phones with added moto app features i wonder if you have an idea if our moto app will get those new feature from the new motorola mobile phones. Thank you!


    Best smartphone I've used yet worth every penny gaming is sick camera I'd good concidering the price and fast and first I was going to go for the honor 8x but then I was thinking I more want a phone that has usb-c and regular updates as well as no bloat ware.( How ever I would be lying if it was a hard decision concidering the tech reviews opinion).

  4. Larry Thomas

    I absolutely love moto phones I have the moto e5 cruise which sadly did not come with a finger print sensor but thats fine I dont know if I should update to a moto e5 supra but that phone does seem really good but ill think about it.

  5. Juan Marco Kimmel Ossa

    I wonder if anyone has a problem with this phone in which only the right speaker works. It sounds fine and the volume is loud enough. I don't know if this is normal and the left one is supposed to be fake. Let me know if you have this issue, please.

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