Motorola One Vision review

ALL YOU NEED TO KNOW about the Motorola One Vision’s top features, build and screen quality, battery life, performance, and camera image quality in a short and sweet video.

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▶Reviewer: Angie Zampona: instagram @ang_is_charged

49 Replies to “Motorola One Vision review”

  1. Darren Rockwell

    Girl comments on attractive boy: "Aw thats so sweet, you guys would make a cute couple!"

    Boy comments on attractive girl: "Look at this dude lol, hes thirsty af lmfao"

  2. Saurav Ghosh

    So this has a great camera for the price, which other phone has it along with having android one/ stock android , not a ridiculous 21:9 aspect ratio and a decent enough battery life? Anyone?

  3. Joseph Demasi

    This is about GSMArena site not on the phone. I like the way you presented The Good the Bad and the Ugly on the product and just overall of your site.
    thank you and I'll continue to watch for your videos.

  4. Radhi Putra

    Wobble,yeah…i dont knw why, these day they design the camera that other choice,even new a71s camera still out from back..i like old camera phone design.
    Front camera hole are to big for small width phone,smaller maybe comment for design

  5. Angela Clements

    I was going to get the galaxy a70 but didn't like teardrop notch so had Moto one vision not realising you'd get big black blob in corner. Should have watched review lol. Still I like phone and it looks great and for price camera is great. I want Sony Xperia 5 but sadly it's a bit out of my price range and I've never really been Samsung fan. I'm quite happy with my moto

  6. Barb H

    The back cover thankfully is not glass, as you stated. Just lightly dropped my 3 month old Moto G 7 and it shattered. Watched a YouTube and put another cover on it, and now it won't start. Must of been the heat gun..hum! Anyone know how I would begin to diagnose the problem? Anyhow, just ordered the MOTOROLA ONE ACTION 128GB 4GB RAM XT2013-2 DUAL SIM (FACTORY UNLOCKED) 6.3" – INTERNATIONAL MODEL – DENIM BLUE.

  7. R R

    Moto one vision.
    My question is Battery related
    1 How much time required to charging from 0% To 100%
    2 can I use continuous 12hr(4hrs Talking 4hrs video player 4hrs net browsing)
    3 How much battery % remain after 12 hrs use

  8. Daniel A

    One more thing the navigation bar is way better than the old Android navigation buttons, less intrusive, and as functional if not more than the customary buttons…

  9. Daniel A

    I'll tale a hole punch anyday of the week over a a nasty and ugly notch…i think most people do, other don't have ha choice and they have to love it although they hate it deep it inside.

  10. Daniel A

    What a ridiculous coment that the phone wobbles when you place it face up due to the side camera…. Who cares if it wobbles… The rest of your review was great

  11. Jose Felipe

    After watching Angie's video I decided to buy this phone so here are my thoughts: The screen is not that bright. During sunny days you will need to have 100% screen brightness. The hole punch is alright doesn't bother me at all. The phone is fast and with a black case looks very nice. As for the batt life, that issue is a bit overrated. the main issue for me is the screen brightness. at 300$, it's quite expensive for what you're getting. if you can get it at 200$ that's a bargain. even at 250$. I paid 320$ for this phone but it feels overpriced. I don't regret buying this, but I would pick a Pixel for 300$.

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