Motorola One Zoom – "Real Review"

Motorola One Zoom – “Real Review”
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49 Replies to “Motorola One Zoom – "Real Review"”

  1. Martyn Smith

    Loving your reviews, down to earth, telling me what I want to know, they're a major go! Any chance you'll do the Samsung M31, looks like another good value mid-ranger.

  2. Switch Wolf

    Flossy, would you say this is an upgrade over a Samsung Galaxy S9+, or would you say keep your money in your pocket? I mainly use my phone for things like camera, GPS, browsing, watching videos, Twitter/IG/FB, the usual stuff. I don't game on my phone. Where I'm at, the One Zoom is 309 bucks. Much love from The Netherlands!

  3. Sam

    I work with mobile networks and have always liked Motorola phones because they have been consistent/reliable when it comes to core features like making and receiving calls.

  4. omophor. dealer

    Not interested.I need more qualitty of the camera. On the back is very big Like a hole with these four cameras .Nothing impreesed me in this model . I prefer Nova5 than this .

  5. Iron River

    Hey Flossy.
    Thanks for the vid.
    One important thing I noticed.
    When looking at the photos you took, they looked grainy. I had to adjust YouTube quality settings to 1080… And boom! Just something you may want to mention to viewers… Because at first, I was like damn these pictures suck. Not the case at all though. Peace

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