My Experience switching from Android to the iPhone X

Long time Android user switching to the iPhone X. How did it go?
The iPhone X is the best phone made by Apple, but was it enough to make me switch from using Android to the iOS platform?
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28 Replies to “My Experience switching from Android to the iPhone X”

  1. Taco Trish

    I'm so thankful for videos like yours. People keep trying to convince me to switch from android to ios and the more I watch these videos the more I'm turned off by ios. I multitask so there's no way I would like their set up lol! I also am so used to customizing more then what I even realized..

  2. Joni Räikkälä

    I know I'm year late to this video, but I just switched from a Galaxy A8 to an iPhone 8 and I knew the keyboard would be subpar. Luckily I had heard of Gboard by Google so now I have a much better keyboard on my iPhone. Overall, I have enjoyed the iPhone experience so far. Thought I'd mention since you gave the keyboard flame, rightfully so. Just thought I'd throw in this option ✌?

  3. shor777

    (I am Android user for years) – Apple is a Mercedes, Samsung/Android is a Hyundai. Samsung/Android giving you lot of cheap options, and cheap enhancements. Apple giving less options, but everything much better checked, tuned, stable and accurate and even secure. When you touching really important stuff, Apple beat Samsung. For example for multiply mail accounts, default Apple mail apps working much better then any Android mail. Apple camera deliver less punchy and "beautiful" for not professional user picture – but Apple deliver MUCH better color accuracy, white balance and details. Want to check that : choose some complicated color like pink with hint of violet – and make a picture with Samsung and Apple. Then compare with real object. I guarantee huge surprise.

  4. Nitin

    even with these shortcomings i cant believe that people in some parts of the world are selling their organs just to get an iphone

  5. Mosti F

    Great review man! U r very honest and fair enough! Can u tell me plz what's the name of the icon pack do u use on ur Samsung's phone?

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