My First Semester with the iPad Pro 11 inch: Student's Review

I just finished my first semester of college and used the new iPad Pro as my primary device. Here’s how I used it to take notes and study for my classes.

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35 Replies to “My First Semester with the iPad Pro 11 inch: Student's Review”

  1. speedstar171

    How long does the apple pencil tip last? Just asking if Im the guy who takes hundreds/thousands of pages of notes. Is the tip easy to replace? Pricey?

  2. weissachpassion

    Best device for university 👍🏼
    The only important thing is to get the big one – at the beginning it seemed well too big, but having an iPad nearly the site of an A4 paper helps a lot – especially when multitasking.
    I first bought the small 9.7inch and returned it after one day …

  3. Me I Think

    i wish i could be 18 again and go back to college with this toy, it would help tremendously make learning more interesting….and what i now know about girls…..i would share but i'd need to charge you kids

  4. Nora

    I've just bought the ipad pro 128gb and im still hesitating if I should return it and buy the ipad air 4 256gb… I'm in med school so i will use it just for note taking, lectures, lots of books and pdfs… Should i stay with the pro 128gb (is enough?) or should I buy the Ipad air 4 256 gb??
    The only thing that concerns me is the storage. Is 128gb enough for just medical school stuff or do I need more than that????

  5. b0red7

    さまざまなアプリの比較ビデオを行って、ヒントを共有できますか? taskade.comを試しましたか?

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