My Google Pixel 4a Review!

Dave2D review of the Google Pixel 4a. The cheapest android phone with an awesome camera.
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25 Replies to “My Google Pixel 4a Review!”

  1. bendmywhammy

    @Dave Lee can you please comment on how pixel 4a works with ldac bluetooth codec? this is one of the deciding factor if I should be getting this phone. thanks in advance!

  2. E Man

    Pixel 4a is the best pixel phone after the first pixel, no notch,great size, best software,best camera, smooth as butter. i hated all the notch pixels and was about to switch to samsung. But glad they made pixel 4a. Loving it!!

  3. John Higgins

    I swapped my iPhone xr for a Google pixel 4a and couldn't be happier, no more overpriced phones for me, I won't ever pay more than £350 for a phone again.

  4. kritika singh

    i can get all three of these for a small difference in price in india. i just want a phone to last and take good pictures so I think I'll go with the iPhone se.

  5. Calle Söderberg

    5:36 – That 1,334×750 4.7" LCD display and those humongous top and bottom bezels are not going to feel overly impressive in 2025 though. How come there is no mention at all about the iPhone lacking an OLD display? Also, is there any dual-SIM support in any of these?

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