My iPhone XS or XS Max Won't Turn On! Here's The Real Fix.

Two Apple experts explain why your iPhone XS or iPhone XS Max won’t turn on and show you how to fix problem for good!

A lot of the time, this problem can be fixed by a hard reset. The problem isn’t that your iPhone XS or iPhone XS Max isn’t turning on, the problem is that your iPhone’s software has crashed, making it look like it’s off when it really isn’t.

We also mention the DFU restore as a potential fix for an iPhone XS or XS Max that’s not turning on. Check out our other video to learn how to put your XS or XS Max in DFU Mode:

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44 Replies to “My iPhone XS or XS Max Won't Turn On! Here's The Real Fix.”

  1. Isaac Kwame

    hey i have iphone xr it's wasn't on charge and went off and the power button start hitting so i wait for while but when i try to on it it's doesn't come nd when i plug the charger it's start hitting again whats should i do?

  2. Emily Green

    Ahhhhh thank you soooooo much! You guys helped me fix my problem! Totally thought I was going to have to head to Apple today for a new phone! Thanks so much!

  3. Mo W

    Why should I have to pay for this phone to get fixed when I didnt break it. Ive had this phone for a yr. Never take irt outside bc I have my watch.. This is ridiculous. This apple logo will NOT go away . nothing is working now I have to purchase a new phone thats pure bs.

  4. Sumitha Jetty

    For me this did not help at all my xs 10 max was still stuck on black even tho I pressed the volume button all the way up, and then pressed it all the way down, and then pressed the side button. My phones screen is still black and I don’t know what to do to fix this, I tried this so many times plz tell me how to fix this problem, I think I’m gonna loose my phone! 🥺

  5. Greg Brown

    I'm having trouble with my iPhone Xs. There's a low battery symbol (without the cable). When I plug it in it does not charge but the phone does get hot. I tried multiple chargers I even did wireless charging nothing charged the phone. The phone has turned on for a duration of about 15 minutes. During the time it was on I did the soft reset but it ultimately went back to being on the screen with the low battery. Do you know what could possibly be wrong? There is no availability in the apple store at the time, I'd fix it myself but I know its not just a change of battery.

  6. Mony Hatchet

    Hello, I am pretty shattered and REALLY hope you can help me. I have an IPHONE TEN MAX. I just went under general and shut down and now it wont turn back on. At first, it was stuck on Apple logo and now it's stuck on recovery mode screen with the picture of the charger pointing upwards with an arrow to a picture of what looks like a laptop. My phone was running out of space and the only problem is my brother got married few months ago and i had over 300+ photos that ICLOUD did not back up. These photos are very dear to my heart and I don't want to lose them. i have been looking at third party softwares but scared to use them. WOULD really appreciate if you can give some tips as to how i can turn my phone on again. I don't want to restore because that will make me lose the photos.

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