My point of view on Android vs IOS – apple | Dhruvi Shah

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7 Replies to “My point of view on Android vs IOS – apple | Dhruvi Shah”

  1. krushang patel

    I will agree with Dhruvi Shah as IOS offers us more security as compared with Android and Windows. If a person get very much familiar with the iCloud and iTunes then there will be minimal issues with understanding the IOS.

  2. Ameya Brid

    see there are always loop holes in the security of ios. it's not totally reliable in case of security. so if we say it's better for security reasons then that would make no sense. it's not open source, means people like u n me who know how to make twerks or modifications cannot figit with it's os. Android on the other part gives u freedom to do anything n get away with it…..

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