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  1. Max Cole

    There are some difference and those difference makes the PS Vita's version better than the android
    The Vita's version is open world and has a better gameplay than the Android's version
    Just that the Android's version has a nice graphics but overall PS Vita's version is better since it was ported from the console's version

  2. mehrdad

    IOS && Android Both sucks.
    why the hell there is no "nfs mw 2012 vita version" for them?
    they are much much more powerfull than vita.
    maybe the companies are greedy (of course they are).

    Vita :
    GPU = SGX543 MP4+ = 51.2 GFlops
    CPU = Quad-core ARM Cortex-A9 MPCore Up to max 2Ghz.
    RAM = 512Mb , 128Mb VRAM.

    Snapdragon 810:
    GPU = Qualcomm® Adreno™ 430 GPU = 388.8~408 GFlops
    CPU = 4x ARM Cortex A57 + 4x ARM Cortex A53 Up to max 2Ghz " 64-bit ! "
    RAM = 4GB(depends on the company order) -> 1600MHz , LPDDR4 , Dual-Channel

    it's more like comparing a beast to an ant 😐

  3. Jose Omar Martinez Martinez

    Yo doy el tiro de gracia y la verdad es la verdad , a la hora de jugar lógicamente es mucho mejor el de el psvita, el humo , las gráficas cada detalle , aunque en el s3 sea en HD y se pueda jugar con un control o mando no supera a la psvita , hablo de el juego , psvita esta hecha para jugar 100%

  4. Chein Tual

    Eso es lo bueno que encuentres diferencias a tu consola, porque si se equipara, creeme que hecho a la basura mi consola PS3.
    Además en mi cel igual como desearia que fuera el PSvita que exista diferencia, que pueda jugar juegos cortos y emocionantes o de campaña, pero que sean interesantes y no iguales a las consolas de mesa

  5. Chein Tual

    Si es asi, entonces para que te compras una Vita o para que compras una PS3, es ilogico que si tengo el mismo juego en la PS3, voy a pagar para tener lo mismo en mi Vita, que atorrancia. Por eso Vita no termina de gustar, porque Sony solo vende a los atorrantes, porque las personas deben encontrar diferencia atractiva y comodidad en tu consola portatil contra tu consola de estación de mesa, sino cual es el objeto

  6. Lormai80

    Lógicamente, en este juego gana Vita. La vesión se acerca a la de PC o PS3 o Xbox 360.
    Pero si me tendría que quedar con un dispositivo, me quedo con android.

  7. rene ramirez

    el galaxy s4‚con mejores graficas que el ps vita ??? WTF!!!!,ps vita tiene graficas casi identicas a las del ps3,sh hardware es muy potente,y tiene botones.
    el galaxy s3 tendra mejor resolucion de pantalla…pero gtaficos y jugabilidad??

  8. slashnpraise

    iOS/Android can't damage your car, environments are not destrutible either. You cant do take downs, and watch cars crash and fly through the air, there is no phisics and collaborative details in iOS/Amdroid version. Vita, however, can do all those things, you can even dirty your car. Vita NFS is higher resolution, more detaio, solid 60fps. Why do you think. There are PS3 vs Vita videos here on youtube? maybe its because the Vita is closer to the consoles than the iOS/Android version..Light bulb!

  9. slashnpraise

    Ummm… if that was true. Sony and Nintendo wouldn't bother making handhelds? Sony and Nintendo are still making more money than Apple and any cell phone/smart phone/ Tablet comapny. Thus, your comment = FAIL. #ThinkBeforeYouPost #NoobStupidity

  10. slashnpraise

    Vita looks WAYYYY better in the graphics. iOS/Android NFS roads look like a sheet of shiny plastic. Everything looks too artificial and glazed over, reflections are too highly exaggerated and developers throw in the blur effect so that the iOS/Android version can keep up with the framerate. When developers add blur, it helps the processor render less, it's a trick. While the Vita version is done right. It is able to render more while staying at a constant 60fps and looks better too 🙂

  11. wpegasis105


  12. Austin

    I know the graphics could of been sooooo much better, but they were too pazy to make it better for Vita. Comon EA! HOW DARE YOU MSUSE THE VITA'S POWER!!

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