NEW Anti Revoke iOS 12 – BLOCK TweakBox & AppValley revokes iOS 12 – 12.2! 2019

anti revoke iOS 12 is finally out! This anti revoke for iOS 12, will block all revokes for tweakbox and appvalley, so you can use tweakbox iOS 12, even when it’s revoked! This anti revoke for iOS 12 requires no jailbreak, and supports iOS 12.2 as well! This anti revoke will fix tweakbox issues, tweakbox & appvalley apps not working, and will stop unable to verify problem. Install anti revoke iOS 12 NOW, and block revoked iOS 12!

How & Why ONE PERSON KILLED TweakBox & AppValley:

Anti Revoke iOS 12 (watch tutorial above ⬆️ on how to get it free): (tested WORKING by gam3Changers)
Websites to add to Anti Revoke iOS 12:
Ignition Revoke status twitter:
TweakBox Twitter:

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21 Replies to “NEW Anti Revoke iOS 12 – BLOCK TweakBox & AppValley revokes iOS 12 – 12.2! 2019”

  1. Saunders Tech

    PROOF The Anti Revoke WORKS:
    To the people saying “my apps still aren’t downloading” or “my apps still aren’t verified” * Watch this: Anti Revoke, Expire, Revoke, iPA – What they ACTUALLY MEAN
    IMPORTANT: when downloading apps from tweakbox/ other signing services you MUST TURN OFF THE ANTI REVOKE VPN, then once the apps are installed, YOU MUST TURN IT BACK ON

  2. Matteus Teichrieb

    All you need to do if this doesn’t work is install DNSCloak from the App Store the. Click adguard-dns and when u download an app from tweakbix turn it in then when it’s done installing turn it of but if u keep it on when u try to use the app it won’t let u also it gets rid of almost all ads just not YouTube ads so

  3. Fadi Khatro

    That completely waste if I wanted to installed anything on my own devices I take full responsibility why apple try to be guardians on me android major go

  4. Michael Scottland

    Brother thanks for the nice video. I'm sure it is very informative but the sad thing is I tried to use maximum strength of my intuition to understand what you are saying. But unfortunately I was not able to. Please add subtitles. Thank you.

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