New features in iOS 12 – WWDC 2018

Apple unveiled iOS 12 today at WWDC 2018 and with it some new features that will be available later this year. Security enhancements, along with new AR features will be available in the next OS for the iPhone and iPad. iOS 12 will also speed up older devices.



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28 Replies to “New features in iOS 12 – WWDC 2018”

  1. Wu Q.x

    We were not satisfied with “FaceTime or face I’d “ so we introduce our “body time and body I’d “ with 1’80(meters)high screen.u don’t even need to touch(using your finger) u just need to kick the screen like DAVID BECKHAN OR C.RONALDO

  2. Rupert Sargeant

    Utter waste of time unless you have an iPhone X. The watch looks nice but half the features aren’t available yet and the ECG feature is only approved for the US. Disappointed?

  3. aman bond

    why don't Google innovates it's OS like apple does , although they did copied most of the features from Google photos this time , but rest , they speak like how it's gonna be change your life , etc , Google needs to up their presentation game .

  4. Cliff M


    "APPLE is very good in COPYING, STEALING & BUYING other people's inventions & innovations"

    They announced "DARK MODE" = "morons/zombies applauded it"… waaaaaaaa!!!

  5. gold333

    Love how Kelsey Peterson (Apple messaging manager) put dark sunglasses on her own memoji to hide her blue eyes on the avatar. Because a blonde girl with blue eyes is so un-pc.

  6. Kiatnarong Thanomsap

    หวังว่า คงไม่ใช่หลอกตาด้วยการตัดแอนิชันตอนเรียกแอปใช้งานออก นะ

  7. WEQN9s

    Why is Apple so dead ?
    For the past years I just want to see improved technology from Apple and instead, there's only low-entry apps. What is going on, is Apple dead or what

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