NEW iPad Pro 11 inch unboxing + Apple Pencil 2

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apple products woo

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29 Replies to “NEW iPad Pro 11 inch unboxing + Apple Pencil 2”

  1. Alanda Travis

    Can you please do a give Away Because every time I in your give away they never pick me they pick somebody else Do you don't have to but I want a iPad 11 pro with 2 cameras Bye

  2. Brige Lauren Blas

    Hey, I have the same issue when buying the ipad just today. I was wondering what do you have to do to process the order? I availed the student deal and the balance for the airpods was deducted from my back account but the price for the ipad never appeared in my bank statement. My order confirmation from apple never said anything about the payment being declined so will it come through the next few days? Or should i contact apple and or my bank account to follow up the details?

  3. Janny Paul

    My phone got locked and I have some very important documents on it, I came here and I was recommended to his legit professional, Ericj651_hacker on instagram got my iPhone unlocked

  4. FAJITA FiNgAz

    But why did the exact same thing happen with my bank when I ordered my iPad 😳 the only difference is I had to wait 3 weeks for my iPad to come Andy Apple Pencil was so lonely 😂😂

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