New iPad Pro with Magic Keyboard, Updated MacBook Air, iPhone 12 Rumors, and More!

This weeks top stories include more information about the new iPad Pro, MacBook Air, and Mac Mini as well as some updates on the next generation iPhone.

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30 Replies to “New iPad Pro with Magic Keyboard, Updated MacBook Air, iPhone 12 Rumors, and More!”

  1. ImSllllleeeep

    I hate Powerbeats they give me extreme ear fatigue after just 30 minutes, if they upgrade the design of the first two AirPods with longer battery life I will buy 100%. MacBook Air has no wifi6 🙄but the iPad does ?

  2. Allan R. Scott

    Great video. If the new ipad pro keyboard fits the 2018 ipad pro will they change the opening for the 2018 ipad pro camera bump or will the case just be cut out for the 2020 camera bump cutout?

  3. Hi-Fi Insider

    I don't get why everyone is saying the iPad Magic KB is expensive. Do the math on a separate trackpad + KB + case and you'll be at the same price. Come on people…

  4. Marc

    The best decision Apple could take is launching a 15" Macbook Air.
    No 14" or 15" choice nowadays in Apple range.

  5. Randy Stalcup

    That magic keyboard is 100% worth $350. Best thing Apple has made in YEARS.. Possibly the most interesting thing since the iPad itself.. sorry Apple Watch fans!

  6. Sacto1654

    I hate to say it, but the new PowerBeats headphones could seriously undercut PowerBeats Pro sales. Why? Because by using the Lightning charging connector, that means all those iPhone users with Lightning cables can charge the headphones anyway.

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