NEW iPhone SE (2020) – REAL Day In the Life Review!

The new iPhone SE is here! Question is, how does it stack up in a Real Day in the Life review?

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45 Replies to “NEW iPhone SE (2020) – REAL Day In the Life Review!”

  1. Kien Pangan

    I have the iPhone X. I must say I really like the design of the iPhone SE2 although it looks so "outdated" by today's standards. It simply puts me into a reminder that a phone is a tool, and nothing more.

  2. Lex Lex

    I’ve had my iPhone SE since November and absolutely love the OG look and feel😊 can’t complain! Got it because i came due for an upgrade I figured taking the big switch from my Samsung Galaxy A10e to the iPhone SE 2020 it would be worth it and it was.

  3. David Fernandez Ortiz

    Watching on my iPhone SE. I was using an iPhone 11 Pro Max and sold it for Black Friday because I purchased an iPhone 12 Pro Max. However, it’s been a month and it has not been delivered yet, therefore I am using my secondary phone (an IPhone SE 2020). I’m pretty impressed and happy with it so I will maybe just stick to it and cancel the order of the 12 Pro Max.

  4. SeikoFPS

    i might swap the battery of my old iPhone 6S and reuse it again as second phone for like hearing music (to replace an iPod because they ditched the aux connection)

  5. KuroKaito1412

    reading these comments about people watching this video on their old SE just proves how apple has "longevity" in mind. (coming from someone commenting with her old SE)
    My old SE is on his las thread, mainly because I got the 16GB (note to self, storage is SUPER important even if you don't think you don't download much apps, take so many pictures etc etc)
    Other than that, my old SE is working just fine, battery pretty bad but gotta expect it (4yo)
    I am looking for a new phone because I feel like the old SE will not live for that long, but absolutely HATE those HUGE screens(my hands just aren't that big), so SE 2020 might be the one!

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