New Nokia 6 (2018) hands-on

This is the new Nokia 6, which is launching globally later this year. At MWC 2016, we have the chance to take it for a spin. Here are our first impressions
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29 Replies to “New Nokia 6 (2018) hands-on”

  1. Jerry Knudsen

    glad to see a normal 16:9 ratio. I hate this trend of long thin phones that ultimately give you less screen and most apps will just revert to 16:9 anyway and waste the remaining screen with black bars….my LG G6+, while technically a 5.7" screen is usually more akin to a 5.2". sucks for video games and other unoptimized apps for the ratio.

  2. TJ

    Nice one Nokia I got the 2017 model this year I wasn't told a new model was coming out otherwise I'd have waited….

  3. Hemal Mehta

    Nokia android phones are awesome, build quality is really amazing and best part is stock android experience means no bloatware and you get regular updates as soon as they arrive.

  4. Ahmed Sanni

    Am not impressed, such a waste of space…… they should have used those bezzels for front firing stereo speakers , i would rather spend more and get the nokia 7 plus or 0neplus 5

  5. G K

    Not sure why the camera accent is so long compared with the Nokia 1, 7 plus and 8. It pushes the fingerprint reader too far down.

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