New Samsung Galaxy Watch coming soon! Everything we know

Samsung has leaked the new Galaxy Watch and revealed a whole lot before its official announcement.

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50 Replies to “New Samsung Galaxy Watch coming soon! Everything we know”

  1. HaNooo

    He has his own channel now? Never on CNET anymore. They pay the big bucks. Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha. Okay, I'm done. Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha. Now. When the Big Kat is all that's left to do boring accountant TV reviews, you know it's rough. Glad I found where you were hiding. $$$$$$

  2. Anne VanDyke

    The rose gold looks good…but for crying out loud – we need more "pretty" watches!! I love my Kate Spade watch, but seriously thinking about just going back old school!

  3. minh van

    Hey BT. You're still not that cool. Desperation is obviously an undertone of your personality. Seeking validation with sly sexual antics and overplayed closers is un- original as you've always been. Heres a name for your channel :
    blatantly irrelevant!!!!

  4. Vince Duke

    Why don’t you ever give Samsung a “ bad apple “ … example you said … Samsung posted their own watch on their own website ( what a dumb ass mistake ) and you didn’t give them crap for it. Would have been Apple and you would have said bad apple. Cmon Brian !

  5. djfubar2008

    Kind of disappointed on the design/innovation, looks the same as all the other smartwatches and looks exactly like the S3 and same goes with Smartphones the hype has kind of died because everything looks the same but with just minor upgrades, for example a little bit faster processor, small increase in battery life, a little better camera, etc. which is good and all…But when it comes to uniqueness and design or major upgrades, companies have been kind of lacking that area of innovation that excites people.

  6. Hadi hadi

    I still think that round is not ergonomic and efficient shape for smart watch.

    I prefers more rectangle shape, more easy to see contents like message etc

  7. Dennis Haughton

    The problem with my gear is 3 is that the battery doesn’t last long! Other than that it’s great! I have the gear s2 as well. Not sure if I’m getting the the new gear watch. Unless it comes with something completely different fr the gear s3

  8. Hoppi Hopp

    Wow. Samsung can only look backwards. They designed a smart watch just like a watch. To appeal to people who like classical watches? That won’t bring the smart watches anywhere.

  9. Nathan Uhrich

    Ha! I was just wondering about the next gear watch! Great timing! I will also be at the Samsung event in New York as well! It would be fun to bump into each other!

  10. Sam Pierre

    Alright, I'm sick of this. When will these people realize that those leaks happen intentionally. I'm not buying the fact that conpanies like Apple or Samsung would let upcoming products show up on their own website without them wanting to, this is called "Controlling the naratives". I don't wanna hear any "Accidentally" BS cause it happens almost every year.

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