New SAMSUNG Software Update – August 2020 (Galaxy S10, Note 10, S20 & More)

Welcome to the home of the best How-to guides for your Samsung Galaxy needs. In today’s video, we take a look into the newest software update. It was pushed out on August 6th for the August Security patch.

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20 Replies to “New SAMSUNG Software Update – August 2020 (Galaxy S10, Note 10, S20 & More)”

  1. Angela Cabrera

    Can someone shed some light on the s20 most recent software update on December 2020. I also have an s10 but it didn't get the same update as my s20. They both look different now.

  2. Pellude

    Samsung = the most inconsistent brand. In September 9 now haven't even received that August update. From Samsung galaxy S10 Exynos

  3. Scott Richards

    had a samsung update on aug 14th for my galaxy s10e and literally fried the connection will not connect to lte..only 3g and poorly
    anyone else dealing with this?

  4. Monique Savoie

    Im so upset …I just bought my S20 plus a month ago…… did the update they said to do ( aug 2020) automatically overnight and now everything is messed up , apps dont open or open so slowly . Websites say not available, or take 3 times to get in .My notes cant open anymore .
    What can i do ?? I rebooted it and cleared my cache I read to try that . Didnt fix anything . My phone is trash now. So mad, my battery drops so fast now too .
    Its like my brand new very expensive phone is ruined from an update .

  5. Johnny Nguyen

    hey can you please help me? i recently got my at&t s10+ unlocked and switched it to metro pcs and its been on android 9 for ages and it wont update for some reason

  6. Jessenia Tirado

    Mine updated and now it does not charge while on and it does not charge fully while off. It looses whatever charge it gets quickly and some apps stopped working properly. Thanks Samsung!

  7. Aarón Zavala

    hi guys I have an issue (sorry for my bad english) so keep going in the question, my note10 + of at&t just have a diferent view of all samsungs when you go for that window I mean, in the menu of "search for new updates" and always say's "your phone is already update" so whats happen how I can put a software to always update from my phone and not via ota…

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