*NEW UPDATED METHODS* How to fix "There is a Billing problem with the previous purchase." Error

Yo whats up in this vid I’ll show you guys 2 different methods on how to fix the “There is a Billing problem with the previous purchase.” Error. It is very easy….
Link to my Older video:
Method 1:
1.) Go to your settings and find your profile
2.) Sign out
3.) Sign in with a New Apple ID
4.) Enjoy!
Method 2 (For older devices):
1.) Go to the App Store
2.) Scroll down until you see your email
3.) Sign out
4.) Sign in with a New Apple ID
5.) Enjoy!
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15 Replies to “*NEW UPDATED METHODS* How to fix "There is a Billing problem with the previous purchase." Error”

  1. RoyalNykki

    I dont understand why people just dont pay their bills instead of creating new apple id's. Be responsible or just dont purchase in the app store…..if you cant afford it.

  2. Shake Slame

    What if I need to update my old apps? Downloaded with my account which has a billing problem. I can't update 'em with new apple ID yk? I don't want to delete and re download 7 apps!


    Yo I have $15 on my other iCloud and the same thing happened in your video, how do I save my $15 I really want to spend it on my fav game so tell me how to fix it.

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