NEWEST 2019 Apple CarPlay iOS 13 vs Android Auto – REAL WORLD TEST

Android Auto vs Apple CarPlay. Android Auto October 2019 Update. We see what’s new in iOS 13

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31 Replies to “NEWEST 2019 Apple CarPlay iOS 13 vs Android Auto – REAL WORLD TEST”

  1. JC Aburto

    As long as you have to modify the way you use an iPhone aka using other apps instead of the stock apps, Android Auto with all it's "defects" will always win

  2. David Rice

    For me Android Auto is terrible. It’s no good if it keeps quitting on my devices. I used it on a Samsung Note 10, S20 Ultra, and Note 20 Ultra. All had terrible results. This was between both my vehicles with aftermarket stereos inside. The Home Screen on CarPlay looks much better and to me it’s more useful. Also, the ability to read back and respond to messages on CarPlay is leaps and bounds better than Android Auto

  3. Rau

    I think we all know and I am a iPhone user Apple Maps sucks. But now I have tryed it and it’s a lot we’ll improve. I use it now but it’s not the best.

  4. Ganie

    "Better Voice" is a dumb point because you can always change the voice of Google Assistant at will. I normally use a guy's voice on my Android Auto.

  5. Chihiro Ogino

    Android wins again. Apple can make their calendar into a widget on Apple CarPlay, but android has been having widgets in their phone for a while now. Google Maps is better, sorry Apple. No contest

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