Nexus 6p tutorial to update to Android Pie [Pixel Experience]

In this video you’ll see the process to go from Android 8.1 to 9.0 and switch from full device encryption to file base encryption

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32 Replies to “Nexus 6p tutorial to update to Android Pie [Pixel Experience]”

  1. Irfan Basha

    Thankyou very much your great device was sussfull flashed.its worked properly very good.
    I request volte supported file available please send me because india so many users volte call supporter's

  2. Irfan Basha

    Sir I will try to flash 9 pie plus version but Google logo stuck not on my divise. Power button + volume down press not coming twrp recovery mode. Please give me solution

  3. Ryan McAdams

    In my nexus 6P, As in the video at 4:33, after Updating partition details…
    Failed to mount '/vendor' (No such device) is displayed and after that message
    … done
    Help! What does that Failed to mount…. message mean?

  4. empty

    When I press restart it restars the phone without recovery mode please help how do I get to recovery mode and where is the android 9 file?!!

  5. Zone07

    I use Google Pay but I think with an unlocked bootloader it doesn't work. Or has that changed? I haven't installed a custom Rom in mine for the last 2 years for that reason. Am still rocking the 6P though even through a battery and charging port change.

  6. Sufyan Patel

    I flashed the oreo 8.1 bootloader and radio and i'm running oreo 8.1.0 at the moment but when i go into recovery it shows no command. How do i fix this?


  7. Jason Larawan

    this phone have served me well, mine died 6 months ago and i thought i can't fix it anymore but then this ROM came, i flashed it and it booted up. now i'm with my baby again! i'm using her as my back up phone as i have a pixel 2xl now. this is the reason why i love the nexus line, they just keep on giving.

  8. kwaku B

    I've spends about an hour trying to install the rom using cmd with no success but was able to do it in minutes using your method.Thanks for the video

  9. Sufyan Patel

    I've installed this on my Nexus 6P. It works great. Everything works well except that it sometimes restarts when on a 4G connection but hopefully that'll be fixed in the next update. Other than that it is laggy sometimes but then again that's probably cause the Nexus 6P is 3 years old. The awesome thing about this rom is that you can update within the phone. I love that feature that this rom has. Kudos to the developers.

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