Nokia 5.1 vs Nokia 6.1 | Which budget phone is best?

We compare the Nokia 5.1 and Nokia 6.1, two budget smartphones released by the manufacturer in 2018. The Nokia 5.1 is the cheaper mobile at £189, while the Nokia 6.1 costs a little more at £229 here in the UK – yet while these Android One phones both boast 5.5-inch displays, they sport very different specs in many regards.

The Nokia 5.1 runs on a Mediatek Helio 18 chipset, backed by just 2 or 3GB of RAM, while the 6.1 model offers a Snapdragon 630 with an extra gig of memory. You get a Zeiss-branded 16MP camera with the Nokia 6.1, while the cheaper 5.1 handset drops the Zeiss label and some of the camera features. You can’t shoot 4K video on the Nokia 5.1 either, unlike the Nokia 6.1.

So which cheap Nokia phone is best? The small difference in price suggests that you should go for the Nokia 6.1, which is more capable and also boasts more storage space. That said, the Nokia 5.1 offers a slimmer, more compact design, albeit one with less frills.

Check out my Nokia 5.1 unboxing and more over on Recombu.

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  1. David van Niekerk

    Thx Tech Spurt. I can just cry and cry… My Nokia 5.1 was stollen on 7 December 2020 at 00h20 out of my house. It was an expensive phone for the South Africa market. But you need a good phone for study too. Well one good thing of the smartphones is that the phone can be trace, if you know how. My one schoolfriend is in Germany and he told me that Ich ben jets ein Brown jungen. My Whats-app account show that my race & age has been change from middle age White man to a skinny jung Brown man… The person who stole the phone was a jung Black man. I miss my Nokia phone dearly…..076 680 5232 was my nr. ….Baie dankie/ Merci beaucoup for the video.

  2. Futures

    im getting my first smartphone soon – not something I actually want but its needed for an electric car – I will only be using it for the app for the car and for sat nav and music in car , text and calls- can anyone say if the 5.1 will be find for these uses?

  3. Sam Bro

    Hey Tech spurt, plz reply fast, I am your subscriber, why you didn't mention Nokia 5.1 Antutu score?Plz tell me latest version Antutu score of Nokia 5.1
    It's really important. Plz

  4. Magick1

    I droped Nokia 5.1 from pochet distance and is the inside display is broken even was with silicon cover on back an was droped on back NOKIA 5.1 IT'A FRAGILE PHONE

  5. Ray Pun

    I think Nokia make really good smartphones, I had last years Nokia 6 now upgraded to the 7 Plus. Both are very nice phones but I would say spend that wee bit more n get the 7 plus as it has that bit more features than the 6.1

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