Nokia 5 vs Nokia 6: Differences, Similarities, Test Results | Hands-on Video

The Nokia 5 is the little brother of the Nokia 6, costing 209 instead of 249 EUR (Germany/Europe, including 19% VAT, may vary depending on country). Nevertheless, it shows up with the same specs, partly, e.g. aluminum unibody, Snapdragon 430 processor and native Android 7.1.1. That’s why a lot of you probably don’t know which of them to chose and if they might save 40 bucks. Which is why this hands-on video compares Nokia 5 and Nokia 6, carves out differences as well as similarities and unveils the results of the battery runtime test. Plus: In the Game-Check, the Nokia 5 has to proof how it handles graphically advances games like “Dead Trigger 2”.

What’s your impression of the Nokia 5? Leave your opinion in the comments!

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Lutz Herkner is tech journalist with more than 30 years of experience. Since 2000 he reviews mobile phones for several German magazines. On his website he publishes full reviews for free, including all test results. You’ll also find charts there, e.g. of the 20 mobiles with the best battery runtime and much more.

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47 Replies to “Nokia 5 vs Nokia 6: Differences, Similarities, Test Results | Hands-on Video”

  1. Ivan Anthony Nabong

    This video of yours really helped me a lot! You've explained very good about the specs and differences between the two. And now I am decided that I will choose Nokia 5. Keep up the good work!

  2. Wagereka Irari

    This is an excellent comparison of both these phones. It is clear the Nokia 5 offers better value for money as the specs on the two phones aren't that much different.
    You have earned yourself one more subscriber!

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