Nokia 6.1 (2018) Unboxing and Full Review

Know everything about NOKIA 6.1 2018, after seen this video because Here the journey to unboxing, highlights, dimensions, weight, CAMERA TEST, otg test, CHARGING TEST and gaming test OF ‘Nokai 6.1’

Games in this video are
‘Need For Speed No Limits’
‘Dead Trigger 2’

44 Replies to “Nokia 6.1 (2018) Unboxing and Full Review”

  1. EvM

    My NOKIA 6.1 Black/Copper 3/32 (TA-1043) has a quite serious problem, it gets hang and freeze, I forced to hard reset it and guess what.. after the reset, my NOKIA not respond to anything anymore

    No matter what I do, I can't get it back to life..

    It freeze and then dead on me since day one, my NOKIA is just unreliable

    But after I let it rest with charging for like 5-10 min. and hard reset it again, all the sudden, my NOKIA back from the dead

    But it's not over yet..

    1 day later, I got the same problem again, so I let it charged for 5-10 min. then try booting it up again with success

    BTW I'm not okay with this glitch and I just want to share my experience of me fighting this error

    I just want a solid phone that I can rely on, but even NOKIA fail me..

  2. Windecku Mikey

    Hey man, great stuff, love the vibe throughout… I'm Mikey from Kenya and I just wanted to know, what can I do to get Phone companies like Nokia and the likes to send me free samples for review on You Tube as well…

    Lovin your stuff… Will highly appreciate your response bro, cheers

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