Nokia 6.1 Plus Android Security Update March 2019. Any Improvement?

Hey friends here is a video on the Nokia 6.1 Plus Android Security Update March 2019.
I have found that overall performance has improved a bit but not significantly.
Two things solved on my phone viz. slow WiFi reconnect and carrier video calling.
Do let me if you have come across any other changes or improvements.
Do share if I have missed anything in the comments section.
Do share and help me to build our channel ☺️

48 Replies to “Nokia 6.1 Plus Android Security Update March 2019. Any Improvement?”

  1. TeeMother

    I've heard that this phone and the nokia 7 plus have issues with Wifi and Bluetooth connection being dropped a lot. Has this issue been addressed with the update?

  2. srishti singh

    I too have this phone. But my question is does the back 1st camera works ?. Bcoz I checked by covering the 1st camera the Screen was not black but when I covered 2nd camera the screen was black. So my question is , The back 1st camera is fake or what ? Hope you understand what I'm trying to say.

  3. Shiju Devasya

    I completed the march security patch level update on my nokia 6.1plus…then every time i get issues when i opening any app like whatsapp insta play music and even camera…it shows 'isnt responding'

  4. SHANpedia

    Hi bro,,
    In my Nokia 6.1 plus
    Call barring isnot working,,,
    From last 5 months I'm trying to enable thaT, nut no results…
    Please give me some suggestions how to enable call barring option,,

  5. cYborg Tech

    @Habil Sir after the march update m facing issue in dialer.
    when i call any person's number the name and picture disappers every time. But if i call by opening contacts it works fine. Any solution?

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