Nokia 6.1 Plus Review: Is it worth buying?

Complete Review of the Nokia 6.1 Plus:
It is a premium looking device that cuts the right corners with absolute care in order to be named as the most Elegant Budget Smartphone of 2018! So is it worth buying the Nokia 6.1 Plus? Let’s find it out in this complete review.

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49 Replies to “Nokia 6.1 Plus Review: Is it worth buying?”


    My nokia 6.1 plus' charging port stopped working in 2 months with no fruitful response from either nokia or hmd global. I am highly disappointed with nokia and recommend people to look into other brands and not just blindly buy these phones because of nokia's legacy.

  2. Izzaz P.W.

    If i use a Nokia 6.1 plus and give it a durable case and a tempered glass, Will it ever break? (to be honest i guess the tempered glass would break first)

  3. Ragavender Ravi

    Don't purchase Nokia (made in india) new mobile phones if you have any planes to travel abroad.
    There are not supporting network bandwidth.
    (Lycasim , tsim not working in Europe and usa, canada )

  4. sudhir choudhary

    PleaSe make a video about how to record call bcz i dont know how to record a calling in 6.1plus and i aslo download a call record app but cant working it record only my voice not other person who on the call…plzz help

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