Nokia 6.1 Plus Review | Nokia 6.1 Plus Price & Specs | Nokia 6.1 Plus Features

Nokia 6.1 Plus is a mid-end smartphone, featuring a notched display and the purest version of Android with no bloatware. Here’s what we think about the Nokia 6.1 Plus.

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17 Replies to “Nokia 6.1 Plus Review | Nokia 6.1 Plus Price & Specs | Nokia 6.1 Plus Features”

  1. Anuj Patel

    Sir I bhought Nokia 6.1 plus but some problem in this phone when I unlock my phone some red effect on this . Sir I want to that why this is happen .sir please please give me answer fast

  2. harshavardhan rajopadhye

    Good review!
    I've some doubts.
    1. How 3060 mAh battery would sustain 5.8" FHD+ display & how long will it last? I'm not a gamer at all.
    2. Is it possible to remove Google search bar from home screen?
    3. Is it worth buy? Compared with 7+, infinix note 5, would you call it best?

  3. Ashutosh Kumar

    Does this Nokia 6.1 plus have a direct Video Calling feature with jio sim to another jio user with DEFAULT phone app… and not using any other app like google duo or jio4gVoice..??

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