Nokia 6.1 Plus (X6): Top 5 Features. Is it better than Xiaomi Mi A2 Lite?

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Nokia 6.1 plus or … X6 as it is known in China – it is a midrange phone, with very promising specs!
Starting with the first main subject – the Hardware, more importantly – the ratio between the specs and the given price. Right now the X6 is about 189USD, and in terms of specs it slightly surpasses one of the current bestsellers – the Mi A2 lite. Except … the battery life.
It is powered by the quite awesome Snapdragon 636 – which is a good upgrade to the slightly older 625. Among the most important upgrades are the custom cores that are now utilized, based on the ARM technology, and the added hardware encoding for VP9 and VP8 which will offload the CPU a lot, especially when you play Youtube videos. And that comes as a nice battery life booster. It is indeed one of the most powerful chipsets from the 600-series. And its performance advantage is quite notable: while the Xiaomi A2 Lite scores around 80000 points on Antutu, the Nokia 6.1. plus is at around 11500, which is like 30% better performance. Certainly this is way below the current achievements of the flagship devices, but the specs will certainly mean that this phone will perform quite well for at least another 2-3 years.

Secondly, let’s have a closer look at the camera – it is a dual-cam setup, which is meant to deliver quite good results.
The main sensor is 16MP, manufactured by Samsung and based on their ISOcell technology. The camera has unfortunately no influence by the Zeiss collaboration which we know from the 7-series.
If you want to record video – 4K is supported by the stock camera app, but will not get any stabilization.
Third top feature of the phone – it has a headphone jack! But that’s not it! The third top feature is a function that uses the headphone jack in order to work – the FM radio! Yes, a phone in 2018 has an FM radio! In fact the Qualcomm SOC usually has FM radio capability but most manufacturers nowadays disable the feature. And here’s something funny – if you want to use wireless headset and listen to radio, you still need to plug a wired headset, because it is used as an antenna. Well – technologies in 2018, you know.
I wanted to give more details about the battery life and the overall battery experience, and am highlighting it as fourth top feature. The capacity is just above 3000 mAh, which is not too bad. The battery specs allow the phone to be rather slim, and overall – lightweight. That comes at the price of having not such a great autonomy time as we get on the mi A2 lite, but… it performs up to par with many other much more expensive devices right now.
And – at the end – the top feature number five – the Android One program, which this Nokia device is also part of! Clean, smooth, snappy – you can enjoy the best from vanilla Android.
It’s the second time I am testing a magnificent budget phone this year, and I didn’t really expect something to be so close to the Xiaomi A2 lite.
So, what do you think? Is the 6.1. plus an awesome phone or not?


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27 Replies to “Nokia 6.1 Plus (X6): Top 5 Features. Is it better than Xiaomi Mi A2 Lite?”

  1. Niyi Knowble

    does the chinese ROM come with android one? i watched a video, when the phone was turned on, it showed the android one logo just before the nokia logo.

  2. Lazar Stevanović

    Hey, I've bought mine 6.1 plus from GearBest too! Quite satisfied with the shipping process, although I've got a charger with type A plug-in. Anyway, I haven't found any downside of the phone yet, not to mention how premium and elegant it feels!
    Cool video.

    By the way, are you by any chance from Hungary?

  3. Md Sumon

    আমি নিজেই ব্যবহার করি নকিয়া 6.1 প্লাস নকিয়া 6.1
    প্লাস সত্যি দারুন একটি সেট সেই মোবাইলটা অনেক সুন্দর খুব ভালো লাগে মোবাইল নেট স্পিড গতি যেটাই বলি না কেন নেট সেইরকম অন্য মোবাইলের চেয়ে সেরকম নেটের গতি টা

  4. Mohanraj R

    Of course the glossy finish is a finger print magnet and you gotta use the back case… If metal finish is what you feel as premium then it's subjective…

  5. Mohanraj R

    Are you serious in saying that it doesnt feel really premium as compared to xiomi… Well mate, it is premium than Redmi note 6 pro and mi A2..

  6. Sanj Tiwari

    How could u even say it feels less premium that too comparing with Xiaomi's. I'm shocked to hear that man. Xiaomi's phones have really everything and this is why they r doin really well but the looks…the only thing where they suck.
    And, Nokia! The first thing one can notice is the premium feel especially in 6.1 plus, not a single phone (except Nokia's own) under twice of its cost has this premiumness.
    Otherwise great review

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