Nokia 6.1 Smartphone (2018 Edition) FAQ & Review

Nokia 6.1 also known as Nokia 6 (2018) Smartphone Review with your most common Frequently Asked Question (FAQ) so that you can judge if this Nokia 6 is right for you or not.

My Nokia 6.1 Unboxing & Overview video

47 Replies to “Nokia 6.1 Smartphone (2018 Edition) FAQ & Review”

  1. JD

    How is call quality in 6.1 did you here any eco type sound means not clear noisy sound while receiving call ? Please Reply

  2. Milton Waddams

    Xiaomi build quality is quite shitty though. Had the Mi3 for 5 years now, there have been major screen issues, not detecting touches or detecting touches where the phone isn't even being held. The power port is almost useless now as the original cable won't even charge the phone. Battery is almost dead which is expected but also SoC problems – flickering screen making it unusable. Also, MIUI is garbage, their updates always broke things and it's a big hassle trying to keep it working. If you're a teenager it might seem nice but I need my phone to just work and do it without major issues.
    So I went with the Nokia 6.1 because I don't need the newest bells and whistles but rather a device that works well in most situations.

  3. Aditya Shah

    Well well well…. It's like bashing Nokia… May be there's some lacking… But Brand name and build quality is best … At 6999 rs. .. which big brands give aluminium 6000 series build in this price with fast charging zeiss optics… Camera is superb if you use with knowledge… Pics are so crisp and super natural colors … Not over saturates like Samsung… Go for it guys… At this price point you won't get device like this…. It's really premium quality…
    By the way.. I am already using it… 3/32gb… also have mi a1 but i prefer this one. And it's better than some device out there in oppo vivo moto sony and samsung etc.

  4. Harshad K

    i have been using Nokia 6.1 for few months now. Let me point out , although it has NFC, i cant use tap and pay on the credit card machines. i bought it for this purpose and it doesn't work. Tried enough of times. Feel frustrated and cheated.

  5. Ionut Boariu

    I have Nokia 6.1 and…. its super awesome for this price, is much better than Huawei P20 lite, Huawei have some lag on games,Nokia doesn't have lag,and Nokia camera is very good,clear and smooth colors! Nokia Support is very modern,very helpfull…..,have aluminium body,no heating,Its playable HDR/Ultra HD graphiscs on heaving/big games.Battery on normal usage goes off in 2 days,seriously,Good Job Nokia!!!!

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