Nokia 6 – 1 Week Later Experience!

I have had the Nokia 6 for 1 week now and in this video I will share with you my experience using the Nokia 6. This video will contain the positive points of the Nokia 6 from my experience and perspective as well as the negative points. The intentions of this video is to give you a closer look at what this phone offers up in the real world! Share your thoughts, questions, comments, and concerns, and be sure to check out my other Nokia related content below!

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49 Replies to “Nokia 6 – 1 Week Later Experience!”

  1. Wheel0fFate

    whats your product code? i mean TA-10xx? i heard the quality differ from one to another please everyone give me their experience with the product code.

  2. Taste of Wisdom

    I'm a NOKIA 6 user for last 6 month. It's good.
    Video, Audio, Speed every thing.
    And it's icons and display are different than Samsung and others android devices so kind can't operate.

  3. Tom Cullen

    I hate mine far as I know it hates me to wakes me up like a nagging wench at 2am telling me the temp is back to normal can’t turn it off Text and phone calls and alarm are too quiet like it’s talking trash under it’s breath cant turn it up Photos and video take way to long to load and I’m not sure what half of them are not one app or game in three months of use long story short Nokia dropped the ball wide open in the end zone then wet there pants and ran crying off the field

  4. Ishy Shah

    I've had this for a year, apps lag, camera is still processing as we speak, so can't take pics, very poor phone, my old LG G2 performed better then this and it had less ram. I'll be ignoring Nokia not my thing.

  5. BU JD

    I have a stock non amazon version of Nokia 6 , let me clear it for u ,
    The phone is good in general , the performance is good for me because i don't play games , the camera is really good at good light , a little pixeled or noisy in night light , the wifi is decent and quit good compared to other phones , the display is really good and really sharp and the brightness is amazing i dont need to go upper than the half of the brightness , tge fingerprint sensor is really fast and the home button which is the fingerprint sensor isnt a problem at all nope , its really nice and cool desinged phone , i use a case for it so it haven't got scratched yet , General review , Its a worthy phone to buy , i enjoyed it and if i would upgrade my phone i will absolutely buy the Nokia 8 sirocco. Thanks and sorry for the looooong comment

  6. R B

    Nokia chit me,,,no richarge after tow month and for repear nokia service center told me have to pay 60 euro,,when i used it only tow month,,,they told me tow years garanty,,,so it is a bol shit nokia6

  7. samysam

    I think it is okay. Speakers are poor. NFC function not working and camera isn't rest either. Also dislike position of the power button.


    Well mine has 9 months and replaced a nokia lumia 1320 who now uses my dad cause has a 6" screen and he visualize better(4 years and doing great).
    So my Nokia 6 is doing great:no lags,battery is good(more than 1 day)screen quality is very good,good pictures but not as good as the old one.Not a single problem till now .Clean Android updated to 8.00 and going smooth,no trashy apps ,good sound and wifi working correct.
    It costed me 250€(maybe a bit expensive ) but i hope will have a long live as his old brother the 1320 lumia.
    This is my experience till now and i had a lot of Nokia´s from 90´till today.Quality is their name.

  9. Sergiy Cherenkov

    I understand it's all about your experience but it would be nice to illustrate "great battery life" or "slow performance" with some numbers so that I could compare it to something else. Thanks.

  10. sultanabran1

    i probably will never watch another video from this guy. he speculates a lot and makes a lot shit up, like people who use android know a bit about specs, so do ios users. so both groups of users do, why then single out android users then? with regard to the chipped corner, if it was that fragile, then the other corners would have chips in them too. if it's just the one corner, then you'd have to reason that it's had an impact on that 1 particular corner that has caused the damage, and not because it's fragile.

  11. Chuck

    Chipping? Buy a case. With all the "premium" phones with glass all over them, to make a big deal out of chipping is pointless and overkill in this review.

  12. Jan Vincent

    I was expecting a good review other than the specs. I wanna see what you can do on the phone like ( customizing your screen- can you change the default apps on home screen, can you change icon size, widgets? music player etc.. these are the things that are highly intresting than discussing the techy parts of it.

  13. Mitch

    I have had my 6 for just over a month and it is one of the best phones I have used.

    It's price, build quality and performance is amazing.

    Nokias pricing competes with the best.

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