Nokia 6.2 Hands-on Review | Tri-camera Android One for £199!

Hands-on Nokia 6.2 review, including a test of the new triple-lens rear camera, a closer look at the main specs and showing off the PureDisplay panel with HDR10 support. For an asking price of just 199 Euros, that’s a lot of clever tech – and the release date is October 2019, so we won’t have to wait long.

The Nokia 6.2’s camera is one of the only triple-lens shooters found around the sub-£200 mark, so this could be one of the best budget cameraphones of the year. Of course, more lenses doesn’t equal better photos and video. But here you get a slick new portrait mode, full night mode smarts and the ability to shoot 4K footage with spatial audio support.

Here’s hoping the stock Android OS helps to provide smooth, energy efficient running, although the Snapdragon 636 platform isn’t the nippiest around. You’re guaranteed years of OS and security updates though, while the rest of the Nokia 6.2 specs impress. That includes a 3500mAh battery and the gorgeous 6.3-inch PureDisplay screen with HDR smarts.

So are you tempted? Stay tuned for a full review of this cheap-as-chips smartphone soon!

35 Replies to “Nokia 6.2 Hands-on Review | Tri-camera Android One for £199!”

  1. A. Filakiewicz

    How the mightt have fallem ;( it breaks my heart. I own nokia 6.1 and it is everything i need from a phone. It can easily live up to the legacy of the indestructable 3310. It has a solid aluminum frame. Fell down hundreds of times already and there is not a scratch on it. I use only a clear case with bumpers on the corners, not even a screen protector.

    And now i learn 6.2 has glass on the back. outrageus!. "extra protection on the back gorilla glass" as if aluminum needs to be protected by glass??

    Sorry, just venting. I enjoy watching your reviews.

  2. Nayiga Hajara

    I have Nokia 6.2 but I tried to look for its jacket around Dubai mall and in deira but no one has the jackets please design for us the jackets to protect our phones

  3. Sergejs Čakāns

    I have the Nokia 6.1. If you are not gamer and mainly use your phone for calling, texting, messenger, whatsapp, e-mail, a little gaming, music, navigating while driving etc, this is the great phone. It's stable, security updates comes every month, no lagging, no freezing, fast charging. Yes, it's not the fastest smartphone, not the best camera in it, but it just works well and the security and android version updates is the best part of this product. Even expensive phones from other brands not receive their updates so often. They comes once in several months and after year and half they stop to receive version updates, but NOKIA receive them every month for 3 years after purchasing. So, comparing with my 16 months old NOKIA 6.1 I think that version 6.2 is definitely not worse.

  4. Ghana King

    Hi Tech Spurt?! Thanks to your tour and review of the Nokia 6.2, I finally got it. It was a tough call to pick a successor for the LG Stylo 3 Plus, Motorola's One Action and Vision, and even Xiaomi's Redmi Note 8 Pro or the NFC enabled 8T ?. But when the digital smoke ( cough cough… hiccup, just kidding ? ) cleared up, this was my successor. Beautiful 6.3 screen, incredible PureDisplay processor, a way better Snapdragon chipset ( 636 is WAY BETTER than 435 or even the 450 variant ), beautiful all around. And with Android One, I'm looking forward to Androids 10 and 11, which is very exciting to have. I read somewhere that Nokia might discontinue the 6.2 to make way for its successor, the 5.3, which boasts a 6.5 in screen and a powerful SD processor. However the decision may turn out, I'm proud to get the 6.2. Thanks for the review, and cheers!
    Goodbye LG Stylo, Hello Nokia 6.2, here's to a new venture…. and to another Nokia phone in the future ( give or take 3 years ? ). ? ?!

  5. Daniel Billing

    phone is slippery and touching, (not pressing) buttons on the side cause videos to skip and change. The android one phone app is annoying. facebook messenger doesn't work. there is no way to wake the phone from the front of the phone so not useful on the bike. So, many more problems

  6. Daniel Billing

    This is my current daily driver for a month. I have never hated a phone before. I mean, some phones have been less or more but I have never HATED a phone before the Nokia 6.2. The only thing worse than the hardware design is Android One. Android One made me realize why phone companies have to finish Android off after getting rights to use it. Shittiest Linux distro ever.

  7. Marcin Stangel

    how is the phone when you hold it? Is it slippery ? (my current smartfone is stupidly slippery, like a wet soap, and I keep dropping it).
    Considering Nokia as replacement, but I really need something that I can hold without dropping it, and without having to buy cheesy looking covers.

  8. bibliobakker

    I have it and kinda like it. Fingerprint unlock is too slow, face unlock is pretty unusable, cameras are ok. I have Ice white and love the color!
    What bugs me is that new phones are coming with Android 10 already and I am still on Android 9. The whole point of getting Android One for me was getting the new versions FIRST!!! Not happening, so bummed

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