Nokia 6 (2018) Review

ALL YOU NEED TO KNOW about the Nokia 6 (2018)’s top features, build and screen quality, battery life, performance, and camera image quality in a short and sweet video.

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22 Replies to “Nokia 6 (2018) Review”

  1. Dothackjhe

    Can you use the micro-SD Card as the primary storage of apps in this phone? Or is this feature already out of trend given the impact it has on the expanded storage medium itself? Coming from a Xiaomi phone, I kind of missed this feature a lot back when I was using a different phone from a different brand.

  2. T-marie N

    For anyone considering this phone, I just bought it yesterday–it was less than $200 at Best Buy. It's now running Android Pie and the camera issues have improved dramatically.

  3. Saad Ahmed

    I am using Nokia 6.1 from last 2 months and i am totally satisfied with device no hanging lagging best battery backup good camera results strong build quality beautiful design good sound quality everything so perfect in low price…so i say Nokia is back ?

  4. syed Hammad

    i am using nokia 6.1 from last 3 months amazing complete pack device no any hanging issue good camera good battery backup good sound quality good in durability and style….best phone in low price range…NOKIA IS BACK

  5. pat cola

    Was blessed to upgrade to this phone from last year's 6. At first the speaker tradeoff was a put off, but the 6.1 is louder. It really is a substantial upgrade performance wise over the original 6. Much smoother and faster over all. The Nokia 6 2017 was a good phone for their first midrange but the 6.1 really is worth the upgrade.

  6. Aviator Alaska

    Great Review. HMD is bringing back Nokia from the grave. It was a bad choice to go to Microsoft… I actually plan to buy a 6.1 soon so this review helps. Also the 6.1 now runs Android 9 Pie.

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