Nokia 7.1 Hands-On: An Affordable Eyeful With Android One

The Nokia 7.1 isn’t the first smartphone from HMD Global to hit the US market, but it’s the first one you might actually care about. Because in a world where it now costs over a thousand smackers to snag the latest and greatest smartphone, the Nokia 7.1 costs $349. But it sure doesn’t look the part. I spent an afternoon with the device during my recent trip to NYC; join me for the MrMobile Nokia 7.1 hands-on!



MrMobile’s Nokia 7.1 Hands-On was produced after three hours with a Nokia 7.1 review device provided by HMD Global. Pre-production device running prerelease software. All conclusions preliminary pending full review.


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40 Replies to “Nokia 7.1 Hands-On: An Affordable Eyeful With Android One”

  1. Swapnil Sonawane

    Watching it on my Nokia 7.1 and this phone is seriously worth every penny. It isn't meant for Indians who fall for Chinese brands only for sake of bang for buck but for those who value the brand and prefer design and user experience over anything.

  2. Shane Bales

    Ok legit question for the phone literate out there. I actually have this phone but before I fired it up I was gifted a pixel 1 xl from someone who upgraded to the 3. Needless to say I grabbed the pixel XL because I'd been wanting one for a while. However, it's over two years old even though it's got pie and security updates until the end of the year. Should I continue to use the pixel, or should I actually use the Nokia 7.1? Which is better overall?

  3. Daniel Mayer

    Do not buy Nokia, the Bugs and poor Software Support will make you regret your decision. Source: me a furious Nokia 8 owner Who got lied to from the CPO of hmd Nokia himself.

  4. Lex Vendedda

    This is the best midrange phone. Anyone that complains about it probably went from a thousand dollar phone to this. And yes you'll notice the difference but for anyone who's remained in midrange will know this is a superb phone.

  5. Praja Calin

    Looks awesome, but why no full review of the phone? Just bought one, it hasn't arrived yet, and I was hoping I'd watch a MrMobile review of the thing. Oh well, I guess not enough people were interested in the hands-on to warrant a full review treatment. Thanks for the video anyways.

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