Nokia 7.1 Hands-on: Low-Cost Luxury

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The Nokia 7.1 is probably the most luxurious mid-range phone we’ve seen so far.

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40 Replies to “Nokia 7.1 Hands-on: Low-Cost Luxury”

  1. Luigi De Guzman

    Using nokia 7.1 to post this comment. Love this phone and works with tmobile. I live in Vegas so signal is not an issue. If you live nowhere, Nebraska, signal might be an issue. Phone is great for its price and you can disable the horrendous notch.


    You are saying that the snapdragon chipset in nokia will just do fine for normal browsing and stuff and not for gaming????. Your are wrong the highly graphics intensified games in the playstore just runs fine on this device what more a guy want from at this price range. Manh that phone is a beauty.

  3. K Khalifah

    Been using Nokia Lumia Windows Phones for ages, and I'm still using the old flagship the Lumia 950XL. But the battery is dying after 2 years of so-so performance, so Xmas will mark the end of my relationship with this brand.

    No way in hell can a latecomer like Nokia compete with the Koreans and the Chinese in the Android market.

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